The two critical issues isolated in 1957 were Knowingness and Responsibility.

Knowingness is the ultimate mechanism of apparency. Responsibility is the ultimate solvent of it.

What knowingness could YOU be responsible for? might run if the havingness-spin wasn't too extreme.

For one man or woman there are eight faces and eight responsibilities, eight goals and eight existences, eight thrusts into the unifying future of Survival, eight T-shirts bragging that you have survived.

The responsibility of a well-designed and effective Self.

The responsibility to enjoy, love, sex and create and care for children and families.

The responsibility to build viable, aware, constructive groups.

The responsibility to build and become a better species of Man.

The responsibility for the forms of life.

The responsibility for the matter of Earth, space, time and energy, the material forms and structures and care of them.

The responsibility for our own spiritual existence and all the values which cascade from it.

The responsibility to give God a game worth playing.

And for each of these responsibilities we each of us have a way of Being, and for each of these there is something to know. There is an ethics to each circle, a technology of good survival for each zone. For each there is a way to plan, a way to keep track, a place in time and a sense of order. Above all, for each of these circles, there is the ineluctable and ever-renewing human drive to make futures happen.

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