Compound PKS

A postulated knowledge structure has to have some sort of not-know around it to prevent it blowing away. In the example of the "I know Time Is" PKS, for example, one of the ways this is kept in a state of persistence is the generous application of Not Knowing to the "...and others know it too". This keeps the entire universe of others, as created by one viewpoint, on an automatic re-generation which appears to be outside one's own sphere of influence, separated from Own Responsibility by the thin black line of not-knowing.

This makes for great entertainment. But it also can get fairly complex when one has several or dozens or scores or thousands of these fields of knowledge generating simultaneously. One can get a compound of knowingnesses and realities which are not necessarily coherent, complementary or even mutually tenable! If one builds the simultaneous but contrary and incompatible creation of realities up too hard in any one moment, burned fuses and psychotic breakdowns have been known to occur.

Even when multiple PKS' are NOT completely incompatible they can create quite a confusion of knowingness excluding each other but demanding attention all at once. A frame of mind is the result: "I know I'm good but I know Mom is strong, right and infallible and I know Mom says I am bad and I know I don't want to be bad but I know I can't have everything I want but I know I am not bad but I have to do what Mom says and Mom says I am bad so maybe I have to and I know Mom knows more than I do and I know Mom can see what I cannot see and Mom sees I am bad....Blagggghhhhh! I'm bad." If this is occurring simultaneously with the compound PKS of 'I have a body and the body is real and the body is what people call when they want me so the body must be me but I'm different but my name gets attached to it so they don't think I am different but the body is hungry and I'm hungry so I know I am the body and I know I am bad so I am a bad body' and you end up with a leather jacket and a port-and-starboard hair-do -- half red and half green.

The collection of PKS' around a single zone, or frequency, or subject, establishes a collection of distances between 'parts of the self' because of the limits of not-know that impose the apparent separatenesses among the PKS'. In other words, distance is created between the bubbles of certainty about X, Y and Z and with those distances and a sense of self interplaying, some sort of communication is necessary.

SO the package of PKS' for example which makes up the BODY adds up to a net bunch of communications going across the distance between 'self' and 'body'. And between 'body parts' and 'other body parts' and 'self' as a network of inter-transmissions. These packages, built of compound PKS' and then associated into clusters of knowing around subjects or moments of time, establish communication field. Within the net space defined by a communication field, the attention is bombarded by signal around and on the subject of the compound.

Analogically it is as though the atoms of existence were postulated knowingnesses; the molecules of existence were postulated knowledge structures (including their realities of 'others' and 'spaces' and 'universes') and the compounds and solids of existence were the sum total of experience received in the communication fields set up by the interaction of various molecules.

Communication fields (space within which one can receive certain qualities and quantities of message from one's own postulated realities) have various degrees of DOMINANCE depending on the architecture of the fields. Even within a subject different communication fields tend to dominate over others. For example, pain tends to override sensation. In the same sphere body control tends to get overridden by both sensation and pain. And body function gets overridden by control, sensation and pain. None of these overrides is absolute. A heavy sensation can override a pain, as can a high-voltage control impulse. Some degrees of function are over-rideable by control or high sensation (as when intense fear causes evacuation of bowel). In other words, these are variables. But they are the right variables.

In the material universe compound, communication-field dominance runs something like this: sound -- light -- mass -- gravity -- electromagnetism -- time -- space.

Communication-field dominance is the scale of 'which creations seem to make the most noise' or 'which wheel squeaks the loudest?' The wheels in this case are the towering composites of Know which we use to (a) communicate, (b) perceive, (c) have reality and (d) experience a mutually held frame of existence.

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