PKS and Communication Field Dominance

The ultimate analysis of any scene or perspective in any universe is in terms of postulated fields of knowing within which the Mystery Static of Life duplicates and perceives the reality called into 'knowingness' by the postulates monitoring the K-space (knowledge space) in which that knowingness obtains.

One 'knows' that Time Is. This is a big item on the shopping list of things to know, family-economy-size and Big-Time Universal in scope. But nevertheless it has the same mechanics as 'knowing' that one is George or that one hopes one will not be stopped for a traffic ticket when slipping through a stop sign. Large or small, PKS' define realms of what is known at a particular viewpoint, instant by instant.

In addition, one knows that "all other beings have Time in a common manner". This isn't "true" in any ultimate sense, but it is very known, indeed.

Knowing this one wakes up and finds that Time has been marching along through the night and brought sunrise and the alarm clock just as surely as if one had programmed it oneself.

The shape or form of a PKS, the limits within which its knowingness applies and becomes reality, are without limiting parameter. They can be as small as a brain pan or as endless as the imagination. Their dimensions are the dimensions imposed by the Author, through time, space and all realities touched on by them. The old cliché's greeting, "Whaddya know?!" was closer to the heart's groove than we may have suspected.

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