The UnFelt Thought

The uninspected life, the Philosopher tells us, is not worth living.

It is possible that the same is true of those towering structures of thought which lie behind the operation of the Identity, but which are unfelt, carefully divided off behind the many screens of conclusive ignorance of which we are all master-craftsmen. It may be that the UnFelt Thought is not Worth Thinking. By unfelt thought I mean those creations of assumption about reality and those creations of reality itself which we are willing to act from or dramatize but not willing to co-exist with, let alone be Source over.

Of course, opening oneself to feeling all those thoughts with which one is holding his own identity firmly in its chosen path is a mind-boggling prospect. One begins to quail, examining their extent. They reach beyond lifetimes, beyond identities, and beyond the very assumptions of space-time which define our current location and the nature of this entire busy, dramatic game. From them one designs and arbitrates the entire interplay called a life-time. And they retain their grip over the dynamics of an existence only so long as they are unfelt. So the natural inclination is to suspect that only the unfelt thought can be lived. If these thoughts were fully felt they would release all the limits of perspective with which we define the Who and How of existing at all. From this view, to unfeel is a pre-requisite to any ordered living.

But, soft. Softly allowing this entire structure to shift from unfelt to felt WHILE STILL CREATING IT is to place a new dimension on things. This allows of energy rivers without limit still performing the function of limit. Each instant, fully formed from the very fundaments of existence down to the most mundane drawing of breath and scrape of shoe leather, popped full-formed from the endless brow of the Aware Will, achieving of each minute a coruscating ballet of forms and laughter-- THERE is a style for you!

In truth, the unfelt thought is not worth thinking.

# # #

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