Mental Health 101

1. It is clear that several things completely modify the answer to a question: how the question is posed; what is being viewed when the question is asked; and two kinds of information available to the viewpoint posing the question, first-order data and data about how solutions are gotten.

2. Mental health is a state of mental activity in which problems are posed and resolved, and actions taken, so as to bring about better future for the entity posing them and his interdependents, or symbiotes. A woman's husband and children are symbiotic to her, in that they will survive as she survives better or worse, and vice-versa. A man's life betters as his company betters and vice-versa; a species thrives as the other species in its environment which are symbiotic to it thrive, and as its members thrive. Thus the flourishing of life in any sphere derives from the quality of mind in operation over that sphere.

3. Mental 'aberration' or sub-optimum pattern falls into several kinds:


Errors or omissions in perception or acquisition of information

Errors or omissions in accuracy of information

Errors or omissions in computation or in combining information

Errors or omissions in the creation of information relative to the reality to which the information obtains

Errors or omissions in the creation of communication and action based on information

4. Information includes the data one uses to process data, including mathematics, lessons of life, etc.

5. Creative thought is the basis of all analytical thought.

6. Creative thought is achieved through the exercise of free determination in space and time. Thus the law of education that any education which deteriorates the self-determination of the student tends to reduce his capacity for creative thought. Education, conversely, which exercises the self determination of the student increases his or her power of creative and analytical thought.

7. The acquisition of false data and false methods of using data, and the acquisition of dramatization script material apparently occurs in the presence of extreme reductions in affinity and communication known as unconsciousness. Patterns of resistance and withdrawal are degrees of 'unconsciousness'.

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