Walls of Fire, Walls of Ice

The ability to undo the wild collection of created energies in the mind/self complex is extremely valuable.

One thing that limits this ability is the phenomenon of "hitting the wall" -- reaching the limits of self-allowed space, limits defined by transition zones of unknowing and unknown.

Thus the student who masters the art of cleaning up all the tortuous complexities within his current identity -- data conflicts, emotional wranglings, compulsions and inhibitions, assertions of rightness and terror of wrongness -- will sooner or later hit a happy point where he feels fairly well cleaned up and comfortable with his renovated "self". At that point he should not be surprised if he starts going unconscious, numb, or gets swept up in torrents of ambition or desire unkenned previously.

There are, best beloved, walls of fire and walls of ice, within which one can play in a happy ecological medium of appropriate speeds and changes. Within the bubble of this extended comfort zone, one can apply keen awareness to the transfers of creation among each other; one has found himself up to speed with the current version of the Blender.

The walls that define this Blender will be of two kinds. One, whose symptoms are dullness, unconsciousness, blackness and blankness, is the wall of ice: motion reduced below expectation to the point of dulling perception. Unconsciousness from without -- the creation of a space where motion stops so thoroughly one cannot track anymore. Awareness here suffers from complete incompatibility between its accustomed frequency range and an environment of dead-slow motions so much lower in frequency and speed and volume as to disperse attention completely.

The counterpoint is the wall of fire, a creation so blasting in its eruptive patterns as to defeat the efforts of attention to track it. Fiery rage, overwhelming passions of desire or fear, the mind-boggling awareness of infinities cross-multiplying in possibility, and the sense that all speed limits have been broken, that heart and mind have had their doors blown off -- these are the earmarks of the wall of fire. Too many views, too close and too far, demanding too many thoughts at once, produce unconsciousness from within -- the China Syndrome shutdown of the heart. Man the dampers, pull the fuel rods and kill this insane, coruscating random motion.

Know, oh perfect Master, that the explorer of all Time and all Space feels these walls as you do. Know that the perfection of a self is not the ultimate goal. Know that you can create the primary awareness that is willing to experience all chaos and all silence, all motion high or low.

With an infinite tolerance, expand beyond the limits of the Wall of Ice, and discover the blossoming glory without; transcend the wall of fire and discover the tranquillity without. Proceed where no man has gone before, past the limits of known consciousness and unfold the very heart of space itself. There you will find the fire of clockless, instant brilliance, and the serenity of golden darkness, melded in the First Cause, the Final Be, the Ultimate Am which is your utter selfless identity. Then welcome yourself home in infinite certainty, infinite perception and unbounded love.

# # #

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