Ladders of Secondary Creation

The conditions of Creation-Against-Self, called secondary creation, are brought about by consciousness denying itself as Source. You do this by identifying with a creation, saying "this is what I AM."

From lowest (completely black effect of all source points) to highest (no secondary creation) these may fall into a general ladder or graded scale something on this line:

Ignoring Where You Are (while creating yourself somewhere)

Ignoring That You Are (while insisting you must Be)

Ignoring Who You Are (while asserting the rightness of that who)

Ignoring the game you are creating (flip-flopping among "others' desires")

Ignoring your friends (while creating self-as-one-of-them)

Ignoring possible communication while wanting communication; creating others' needs and ignoring them.

Ignoring creations putting own creation at risk if continued, creating collapse or danger and ignoring it

Creations inviting others to be source over one's own territory

Avoiding creating energetically; avoiding focus

Resisting Continued Creation within the framework of time

Resisting expanded success

Disconnecting from connections one created in succeeding

Creating Source as possibly at risk from Not-Source (arguing with God while being God)

Another Ladder:

Ignoring the past while creating the past

Creating communications against communicating

Creating problems and solutions leading to problems needing solving

Creating broken realities and resisting them, lost affinity in need of recovery and broken communication lines to be held onto sadly

Creating sins in need of forgiveness and regrets for things done in the past, or not done when they should have been

Creating reasons for own rightness inhibiting the rightness of others; ways to survive at others' expense because self is right, and others are wrong; way to dominate others while avoiding domination because self is more right than "they". Creating "them" to complain about or be superior to.

Creating zones one "needs to know more about"

Creating no-source creations to be

Creating non-existent realities to be involved in

Creating realities and realities

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