The Passage Key

Joseph Campbell describes in other terms the age old problem of R1 and R2. Here, the problem was described as how to establish leakage from the universe in which one was easily and comfortably total Source — the universe of Known Creator — into the universe of average illusions called the material universe, or the social universe of viewpoints imbedded in this material universe.

An answer slipped from Campbell's talk about mantras. The Hindu tradition is to design a mantra of the spiritual reality and use it in order to keep part of yourself out of the material universe, in touch with the spiritual.

There is no reason this should not work as well for any bridge between R1 and R2.

What should such a mantra be, sound like or seem like?

For some universes a sound-phrase or word is enough: "bridge" muttered over and over. Or "true heart". For other designed certainties which one wants to leak into the world one must design an appropriate mantra: a scratching of the ear, a pressing of the foot against the floor, a hum combined with a flip of an eyelash -- there is no semantic structure to the mantra. It is a sensory focal aid. A grinding of teeth while tapping the tongue may mean "the reality of deep love " to one Creator and "the integrity of complete win-win business" to another.

The use and design of mantras can do what affirmations alone cannot do. They can spur the continuous creation of action that occurs when the creating consciousness is allowed unhindered flow into the creation universe. Thus the mantra of sound or tactile or visio is merely a way of propping up the lid on the closed universe of "effects" in order to remind it to listen to New Cause.

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