All is Who?

The high shimmering and roaring cascade of unlimited creative energy appears to descend from "All" into "One" into the products of one. (I.e. things done, said, made, invented, created etc.)

Not from "All is One". Not "we are all One". And yet not handed down from just a bigger shoe box of larger marbles of thoroughly separated and individualized Higher Selves. Neither of these. And therein is a paradox.

This is a secret paradox that has to be navigated: the Infinity of All is itself infinite in number. This is physically an impossibility. Logically it may be unacceptable. Semantically it is a contradiction. But lovingly, spiritually, cosmically it is an unavoidable truth. We are not each carried as just a wave within the light. We are each the whole light.

The universe as we experience it is a compound of infinities, overlaid, each containing endless varieties of Maya illusion. That which is seen most readily (space time on body channels) is the inevitable average of those illusions. And that is all it is.

It can be sensed as a complex overlay of intentions, or compacted pictures, or holograms within holograms. But the kicker at the bottom is this: you are more and more and more You as you grow. You become infinity. As such you may co-exist with infinity squared. You will never disappear, melt, vanish into the Light like water because You Are Who Are.

Take full account of it, and become immortal.

# # #

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