Two Desiderata

In all the Universe, there are but two qualities the soul needs, and it needs them with an intensity that rocks history in each moment from as many directions as there are beings.

The soul requires Peace, and the soul requires Joy.

The peace of the Soul is the peace which surpasseth comprehension, which leaves language lurching in dust, which encompasses the heart of all creation by touching the still basin of Aware Will, which has no motion or place, which contains all existence and all non-existence, all danger and all beauty. The quietude of this God-place so Is that the soul that does not know it is condemned, and the soul that has tasted it will never relinquish its search to return to that place and that still clear water. This peace is the source of all sanity and all courtesy, the spring of courage, integrity and kindness, the seat of insight and the home-town of love itself. Without it life becomes the helpless suffering of the Wheel. With it, all adventures are acceptable and illuminated.

The joy of the Soul is the joy that fires the Will in calm certainty, which liberates Being from matter and transcends the dull inertia of all objects. It is the joy that the fingers of God transmit as they trace the formation of history in the individual will, the fire of laughter in the heart of every action well-taken since Dawn. This joy is the love of all things ands the inspiration of all knowledge, the whisper of the wind under the wing that holds the hawk above the world, the rhythm of the ground meeting the runner's feet, the hot blood of the true Writer's pen on the parchment of existence itself.

The peace of the Soul informs the world that God Is.

The joy of the Soul reveals to the world that God Does.

The Soul that knows either and both knows he is one with the very fountain of Godhead, and that all is well within and without, without limit or judgment, to the ends of time.

May you be theirs, and may they be within you, from the farthest reaches of imagination to the smallest cell in your body's core. May the peace and joy of the Soul be yours in each nanosecond and each millennium you begin. May your heart be God's heart, your touch be God's touch, and may you be the voice of God singing in each moment of the new and endless morning of existence.

# # #

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