Wearing Clothes -- The Nude and the World

The Nudist's Wardrobe -- jackets sewed to bathtubs, shoes tied to trashcans. Buckminster Fuller commented that the fate of humanity hangs on the issue of personal integrity. Amazing that a single voice could say so much in so few words.

The forms that combat you and the beliefs you have about them are two sided packages: the created form and the judgments. A form [or a scene made up of forms] is backed by judgments about the scene or forms. When you put on the judgments, you put on the weight of the scene those judgments were designed to handle.

For example, a philosophy student solves the confusions of the world by deciding on a set of beliefs about "confronting" things and "intending" what he wants. These are how you get things done. They solve the chaos of confusion that hit him who is busy not-knowing.

A Christian solves the confusions of the world by deciding on a set of beliefs about "grace" "forgiveness" "salvation" and "God". The world is solved when viewed through the personality made up of these beliefs.

The problem comes in when you start wearing the judgments around. The student knows that business responds to "confront" and "intention" and when it is time to do business, he/she puts on those beliefs. But glued to the back of them is the facsimile creation of all the confusions these judgments and beliefs helped him/her out of.

You go to your wardrobe and select a nice leather jacket, so you can look good in the world. But carefully glued to the back of the jacket is an old bathtub with rust stains and garbage in it. The ruby slippers are Crazy-Glued to the top of a pair of dirty trashcans. When you walk out in these clothes, the "luggage" makes more noise than you can override in your nice clothes.

When the surround of existence begins to look combative, or like a threat of loss, it is useful to notice the wonderful belief The world is a reflection of me at work.

Sourcing the world is not tough if you are totally happy to look at the funny stuff in it. Resisting those things, and creating little identity packages to meet the world's confusions, leaves you wearing hats tied to old porkchops and watermelon rinds. Put on the hat and you start smelling like garbage.

The answer is to be a nudist. Being a nudist, in this sense, is the complete will to feel to the bone the entire world as it hums around you NOW.

If your preference is for a world full of laughter, compassion, and energy, and you are finding yourself fending off a world of tears, selfishness and sloth -- start laughing! Not only will you soon have something to laugh about, but the world listens carefully to you, and robotically agrees with your created structure. Your CHOICE of response, naked in the world, will overwhelm any difficulty; wearing attitudes and judgments will simply perpetuate the confusions that they sought to solve.

The world is a reflection of You; being as the world "should" be will bring it into line, if done with love and open feeling. Then every page in the book is a step toward the happy ending that starts the next book. The being who is tthe world does not need clothes to be in the world. He or she goes bravely nude, laughing with the atmosphere.

The Nude, in laughing, conquers the World.

# # #

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