by Donovan Sullivan <DSULLIVO@WOODHILLS.LEGENT.COM>, 5 Jun 95

Lately, in forwarding my own spiritual growth, I've been investigating, and looking at the area of trust. It's kind of hard to work with others, or do some things yourself , if you don't trust others or yourself.

One, of the amazing results for me, from doing this, is seeing, for myself, how many things actually do work well, or are done well. And also, how much we actually do trust other people.

There are times when trust is betrayed, or people do lie to you to control or manipulate you, but most people reliably do many things every day, and do them well.

For example, most people , anywhere in the world, when giving you food, will give you food that is good, (nuitritional is a different issue), and won't poison you.

People usually stop at stop signs. People usually give correct change. Most people will take mail incorrectly addressed to them, and forward it to the correct person.

Most people do their jobs, and do the small expected things we learn to trust each other for.

So for myself, although I still favor that many of the bad conditions that exist here are deliberately caused, by a few people, that doesn't completely explain things.

Why do those people create the bad conditions? Perhaps because they don't trust others.

But oddly enough, they would be wrong. They should have trusted others. People do deserve trust.

Usually people who have stopped trusting others, have committed acts to harm others, and no longer trust themselves.

In the old days, people who betrayed trust were called 'outlaws' , literally outside the law, and anything could be done to them, without penalty.

I trust that the people on this planet , can turn things around, to make this the place is should be.

Part of the new civilization should be that we do trust each other, as the basic assumption, similar to 'innocent until proven guilty', and we do things to maintain that trust. And if that trust is broken, we work with people to help them become trustworthy again. And if we break that trust we make it right.


copyright (c) 1995 Donovan L. Sullivan