The Systems Thinker

I just got an information pack and a sample issue of "The Systems Thinker" from Pegasus Communications.

Very, very nice. I can't believe I missed knowing that this even existed until just recently, when Kirby mentioned it. Just goes to show how it is as important to know where to look and to understand what is available, as the actual information is. A wonderful magazine on systems thinking does me no good unless I know it exists and that I ought to be reading it. Many resources are available, but if they are hidden in the forest behind all the other trees, you might not notice.

Anyway, this journal looks great for anybody who would enjoy reading "The Fifth Discipline". It is filled with systems diagrams, templates for different kinds of systems.

This also looks like a real good resource for books and videos and seminars about systems thinking.

You can ask for a sample issue from:

Pegasus Communications
PO Box 120 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02142-0001
(617) 576-1231
Fax: (617) 576-3114

Subscription is $117 per year for 10 issues. Which is quite a chunk, but I suppose it is worth it.

- Flemming