'NATE TOUR' and his mother

by Donovan Sullivan <DSULLIVO@WOODHILLS.LEGENT.COM>, 7 Jun 95.

Following on the heels of my earlier post on the starship earth. I thought I'd comment further on part of the environment of our starship - NATE TOUR.

I'm saying NATE TOUR deliberately, instead of nature, to break down, or cause reflection on the area without shorting out on everything we know about nature. Most people have strong opinions and beliefs, about nature - but not many of us really know NATE TOUR.

For a long time in my earlier life as a crew member I thought that I was the only one who was actually alive. Animals weren't really alive, and certainly walls and desks and planets etc weren't alive. And the other human crew members certainly didn't act like me, and after reading stories about robots, I decided that the other human crew members were robots.

Then I started having experiences where other things came to life. Animals were alive. You could actually talk with them. They don't have the same concerns as human crew members but they were alive. I was astounded when I started having 'talks' with dogs and cats. I'm still a bit too aloof to always do this easily but I can do it.

And I started actually being able to communicate with other human crew members, and started feeling that although they were different, and sometimes very different they might be alive, and not robots.

Then a few years ago, as suggested by my earlier readings in indian philosophy, and taoism, I started finding out that everything was alive. I could communicate to the desk, or the walls or my car, etc. All of the things out there were actually alive and could communicate.

And one day while sitting on our porch, and looking at our rose garden - we have a huge 35 X 30' rose jungle - I saw a little green man - the spirit of the garden. It' looked amazingly like the green tree spirit in the Tenzy Amberton science fiction series by James Schmitz. As an aside, James Schmitz wrote my favorite Science Fiction novel - "The witches of Karres". And we had a discussion. I asked if he was NATE TOUR . But he wasn't- he was one of the elves.

And he was visiting the garden, and he really liked it. We talk to the roses, and they really love it. Most of our roses are about 3 times the size they are supposed to be. And sometimes the green guy or his friends visits. But they aren't nate tour.

I was also having experiences with having talks with former crew members. GOASTS (if coasts is spelled as it is, then the plural or goast must be goasts). And I found that the same therapy I'd learned to help crew members with, worked great with the goasts too. In fact sometimes easier, because they didn't have the same life support concerns crew members with bodies have.

Once when I saw a television show on the Shroud of Turin, a goast who said he was the one connected with the shroud said that I needed to work on my compassion, and I have been. He was the most joyfull crew member I'd ever seen, and very powerful. He reminded me that if you have the power to heal, you have the power to destroy. If you have the power to trap you have the power to free.

But he wasn't NATE TOUR either.

So what is old Nate.

I think that Nate is like Santa Claus. He exists because we create him, and we create the acts that committed in his name. I've noticed for many years now, that people actually act differently at Christmas. They actually act in the 'spirif of christmas'. This is something that has evolved over time, and has been added to by many. For example, Charles Dickens Christmas carol, or the famous editorial - "Yes, Virginia - there is a Santa Claus", or the poem - a night before Christmas, Miracle on 34th street, it's a wonderful life, etc. Mostly we've created a pretty nice Santa Claus, and we would be better off if we lived like that all during the year.

I think we've kind of screwed up on Nate lately though. Nate kind of become an avenging angel, instead of the earlier power basic connective force we interact with the planet through. And if we continue to create him that way, and act for him in that way, there isn't going to be much of us left with human bodies. Nate doesn't want to be that way, and would prefer that he be the healing connective force , the cycle of birth and rebirth, that he used to be.

I think we need to reconnect to the earlier Nate, the ones the Celts, the Cambrians (people who lived in Scotland/Ireland before the Romans came), the wiccan's , the germanic tribes etc, all followed, venerated, and worshipped (by emulation).

The life on this planet (and this planet Gaia) is waking up, and wants connection and communication and contribution, and kind thoughts and wants to help heal us, the wounded human crew members.

The starship earth is alive, and everything in it is alive, and it wants to heal and be healed. And it is communicating, and it want's to be communicated to.

And old Nate, say hi to him when you see him and his elves, - they're really very friendly. And so should we be.

your friend
Donovan L. Sullivan
currently in a human body, between goast cycles.

copyright (c) 1995 Donovan L. Sullivan