Pathway of Light

(September 13, 1994 Message from Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman)

Beloved Masters, I bring you greetings from the Most High. I have an important message to deliver to you, Brothers and Sisters of the Light; an update, you might say. As we have often told you in the past, it is very difficult to predict what will happen next in your corner of the Galaxy as events and changes are occurring at an unprecedented rate.

However, as a major goal is reached, or spiritually, you move through another incitation or higher level of consciousness, we can forecast what is likely to happen next in the realm of physical reality.

This has been a year of momentous change, both in the structures of your physical world and the expansion of your spiritual awareness. Boundaries of countries and nations are changing; ethnic groups are changing places, either by choice or by force; many dear souls are choosing to transcend, and believe us when we say, they are moving on to a much better place and conditions. Bless them in their choice for their Spirit self certainly knows what is best for them. Humanity is becoming more and more restless for nothing is as it was, and what could be counted on before is no longer stable or available. The weather patterns are so erratic that droughts shrivel crops and shrink water resources in many areas, while great storms send deluges of water to others, creating untold misery and loss of resources.

Patterns and boundaries of every kind are changing and shifting, mostly brought about by the changing patterns of human consciousness. As the higher frequencies anchor firmly in your world, both in your consciousness and that of your Mother Earth, great pressures are building. These frequencies are much finer, more subtle, but they are also much stronger, you see? Just as darkness must give way to Light, so must the lower vibratory energy waves give way to the higher, more refined frequencies.

Awesome in its magnificence, the Love/Light energy from the highest source in your universe, the Creator/God/Goddess, is being anchored on your earth and is now available to you. A great energy highway, so to speak, has been opened from the Creator Source to you, if you are ready and willing to open yourself to this miracle.

But make no mistake, this is energy that is so dynamic, so profound, you must be a pure receptacle, firmly anchored in your soul center, free of ego and personality restraints. This energy also comes with a caveat: "Accept this gift from the source only if you are ready to surrender to your highest calling, and are willing to serve as a Master of Co-Creation in transforming the darkness of your solar system into the Light. And you must be ready to join your galactic family in this accelerated evolutionary process; you must expand your vision to include not only your earth and solar system, but your galaxy. You are coming out of isolation, out of your narrow, tunnel vision point of view. You must realize, once and for all: YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE. What affects you affects all of humanity and what affects your earth affects the universe.

This is a year of clearing and cleansing in preparation for the even greater changes soon to come. Those of you who are diligently working to clear all negative energy patterns within your multiple energy bodies, who are striving to bring balance and harmony into your consciousness and your surroundings, will have a much easier time of it as these momentous changes begin to come about. You will be well prepared for what is to transpire in the near future. You have built a strong, firm framework for yourselves so that not only can you be of service, but you will be ready to reap the marvelous rewards that are forthcoming via new gifts of awareness, abilities heretofore unheard of, and almost instant manifestation of your dreams and aspirations.

Much new mind-boggling information is coming forth almost too fast to assimilate. Some of it seems to contradict what you have heard in the past, and many of you are quite confused. It is not that what has been given in the past 2000 years was not true, dear ones, but the knowledge that was brought forth was kept at a very basic level that humanity could understand and absorb. You can see how the teachings of our Beloved Jesus have been distorted and misapplied, and even many of the supposedly, New Age truths have been distorted by those who have brought forth information which was not always from the highest source, but usually with the best of intentions. So you see, as your awareness increases, as your purity of mind and spirit expands, so do your abilities to absorb vast, more complex information. This is not only the beginning of a New Age, but you as Spiritual Beings in human clothing, are coming of Age.

As you open the pathways to higher and higher dimensions, and remove the static that has kept us out of touch for so many ages, you will receive clearer messages, more profound information, more information that is entirely new to you, more vital statistics about the universe in which you are an integral part and much more about your role in the grand design of the future. You are embarking on the Pathway of Light, my precious ones. You are leaving the denseness and darkness behind and you can surely sense that you are becoming an observer of the drama taking place on Earth from the vantage point of a high mountain top. You are beginning to experience that rarified domain of the higher dimensions, and is it not the most thrilling experience of your life?

You who have worked, meditated, studied, loved and dedicated yourselves to this Pathway of Light for so many years now are beginning, finally, to realize just how vast and all-encompassing this process is. You are beginning to say about your slumbering brothers and sisters, "Why can't they see? Why can't they feel the wonder, the joy, and the love?" They will, dear ones ... they will. That is the task before you now. To spread your excitement and joy, to shout from the roof tops the miracles that are manifesting for you every day. To share your insight, your compassion, your wisdom, your knowledge. lt is wondrous to observe the synergy that is building: a group initiates an event somewhere and suddenly it is picked up around the world by other groups until there is a wave of energy surging forth, connecting, vivifying and transforming humanity to another level of awareness.

Gateways, or stargates as you like to call them, are being opened or expanded at a greatly accelerated rate, enabling us to interact more completely and powerfully with humanity. And time is of the essence, dear and faithful ones, the more vast the number of awakened souls, the easier the transition will be when the great changes that are being foretold occur.

.. And so you see, my beloved friends, you are in the midst of a great, miraculous event. It is imperative that you stay firmly anchored in your power, while you also diligently work at completing the integration and merging of your soul into the new energy center between your heart and throat area, thereby igniting the process of building your Etheric Light Body. Many of you have completed this integration and are moving into even higher initiations on the way to merging with vast fragments of the greatness of who you are.

Continue to join together, dear ones, in meditation and prayer; supporting, teaching and learning together. It is more important than ever. The event you are all calling the 12:12 will be another giant leap in consciousness, bringing together Lightworkers in numbers greater than ever before. It will be a wonderful experience if you are able to do so, but you do not have to travel to a sacred area of the Earth to participate. You are building your own sacred places of Light. Join together that we may infuse you with a new level of truth and awareness; raise you voice in celebration, dedication and thanksgiving and I promise that I and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy will join with you, as well as all of our beloved galactic friends. We are well on our way to being reunited and we will, together, infuse this galaxy and eventually this particular universe with the Light of the Magnificent Creator of All. l, Lord Michael, bring you these truths.

I claim Universal Copyrite for this material in the name of Lord Michael. Please copy and share.

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, a new age practitioner and teacher. She is also an internationally known author and lecturer; her articles and poems are periodically featured in six new age publications. Ronna gives private readings, holds workshops, lectures and channels Archangel Michael before large groups.

Ronna Herman can be contacted by writing: 1485 Midway Court Alpine, CA 91901

This article is from Ascending Times issue 2.