Metaphysical Miracle Making

Edited by Trevor Mountaine

Can we affect the physical universe with our minds?

Yes! say the religious. If we follow prescribed rules of behavior, propitiate God/s and pray for intervention in our experience.

Yes! say the Quantum Scientists. We can affect the behavior of submicroscopic particle and waves (packets or quanta of energy) in physics experiments.

Yes! say the editor and contributors to this web page. But we do not need to invent Gods to propitiate for intervention in this world. Nor must we postulate that by affecting electrons we can control the larger world. We prove our claims by connecting our thinking with subsequent events. We find that certain of our thoughts are the motive force for all the people, events and things that appear in our lives.

To illustrate this concept we present here a series of personal anecdotes that have been submitted. In each case the story of the experience is told and the thinking that preceeded it is described. Those precursor thoughts were the creative forces for the events.

These are thoughts that have been identified by the editor as having the power to effect the physical world:

The anecdotes about our miraculous manifestations follow. At the end of each story the creative thought is identified in brackets.

To submit your own account of miraculous experiences, use the form at the bottom of this document.

The Manifestations

JH wanted to go to Australia to visit her brother but didn't have enough money to buy a ticket. She knew about courier companies that paid your round trip ticket if you delivered documents for their customers. She called several companies and got a courier task to Los Angeles where all the flights to Australia departed from. (needs)

While there she called all the courier companies in San Francisco about trips to Australia. None had any for the day but one company operations officer said he would leave her name on a card for the night shift, in case a new trip was needed. About 9 PM she received a call from that company. They asked if she could go to Australia tonight and if she had an up-to-date Visa. She answered yes to both questions but made the comment that the evening flight would leave before she could get to the airport. They informed her that the flight had been delayed and that she would have time to get there before it left.

JH found out that there had been another courier scheduled to take that trip but his Visa had expired. So the airlines had to remove his bags and she was called to take over the task. (Wishes and a very clear intention).

In Australia JH realized that she knew where her brother had resided ten years ago. Arriving in that town she asked neighbors of his whereabouts, but, nobody knew. Just then a car pulled up and a neighbor said this Realtor may know. The real estate person did know and JH got to connect with her brother. [wishes or desires]

JH coveted a small camper called a Chinook and every time she saw one she would affirm that she would get one soon. One time she went to Harrah's at Lake Tahoe for fun and began playing the slot machine. After a couple of hours she had won so much she had enough to buy that camper. [wishes]

An author gave JH a copy of his book to read. After she read it she decided that she wanted one for herself and another for a friend. Her budget couldn't stand the expenditure so she decided that she would buy the two copies only if she obtained some additional funds. The same day she went to the grocery store. Upon leaving she noticed an envelope on the sidewalk. Opening it she found $42.00 with nothing to identify the owner. Accepting it as her new funds she purchased the two books. [wishes]

Intending to move to California JH advertises her camper for sale. But it didn't sell and so she left anyway. She soon discovered that she didn't like it there and came back to the town she started from. At that time she was invited to move in with a friend but the friend smoked and she couldn't abide cigarette smoke. Then she remembered the camper she couldn't sell. Now she lives happily on her friends property in the camper. (Future needs have a higher priority than present desires)

JH and son went out to get some pizza but when they arrived they found out that they had insufficient money to get what they wanted. Disappointed they left, but while crossing the street they found four dollars which was sufficient to get them the pizza they wanted. (Wishes or Needs)

JH was new in town and was looking for work. She stopped at a local restaurant to eat and noticed it was quite busy. She asked if they needed any workers. The owner told her that if she reported back in three hours in a clean white uniform she would have a job. Nearby she found a second hand store that just happened to have a clean white uniform which fit perfectly and so she got the job. (Wishes or Needs)

JH decided that she wanted a tailless cat. While at a county fair with her RV she noticed a neighbor had a pet carrier outside their unit and asked them about it. She was told that it contained a cat which they were going to take to the pound because no one wanted it. JH volunteered to take the animal sight unseen. It wasn't until she got home and let the animal out that she discovered it was tailless. (Wishes)

JH applied for an apartment where she wanted to live but was informed that there were no vacancies. Upon returning to her work she commented that maybe someone at the apartment complex would have to die to make room for her. Within a week after saying that she was informed that someone had indeed died and left an apartment vacant. (Wishes)

JH didn't like the hot air heat that her apartment had. It was too dusty and the noise spooked her cats every time it came on. She knew about portable oil filled radiators and decided one would be perfect for her needs. But her budget couldn't stand the price of a new one. So she decides to watch for one at garage sales. Her local weekly newspaper came out the next day and usually lists sales for the weekend. But one sale is scheduled for today. She goes early but the seller is not quite organized. She decides to come back later in the day. By the time she gets back mast of the good items were gone. But way in the back of a now accessible corner of the garage she finds a oil filled radiator and purchases it for $5.00. (needs, synonymous with wishes or desires)

JH is on her way to a luncheon engagement and class when she discovers that she had left her wallet in her other purse. She had no money and was a long way from home. She doesn't want to go back home because she would be late for both engagements. While getting out of her car to go to the restaurant she finds enough money blowing from the nearby beach to afford lunch and the fees for the class.

When MN and her husband retired they moved to a small town in North Western part of the US She had heard from friends in that a high school chum had moved to somewhere in the same area. Not knowing the chum's married name she kept asking around giving people a 40 year old description of her.

One day after leaving a supermarket she found a gold watch. Her companion suggested that she give it to the market's lost and found. MN decided against that idea saying that this watch was important and she would find the owner. When the local weekly newspaper came out there was an ad for a lost watch. MN called the number and the person who answered described the watch accurately and then MN discovered it was her childhood chum. [wishes]

While working with a young relative on a penny collection of those minted up to date MN found out they had all but one penny. They looked and looked among all their loose change and couldn't find one, so they put it aside. The very next day MN found a penny with the right date and mint mark while cleaning the house. Now the collection was complete. [wishes or needs]

Going to a store SS chooses all the groceries her budget would allow. As she came to the potato bin she decided that she wanted some, but there was no more money. Just then she noticed some rolled up paper money stuck between some potatoes. It was a ten dollar bill, so now she had the funds to get the potatoes she wanted. [wishes}

Intending to stay for a long time SS and a companion hike into the back country of a large park in Hawaii. Many miles on the trail they encounter a park Ranger. He informs them that they had to have a permit and gives them a ticket for a $25.00 fine for violating park rules. SS doesn't want to pay that fine out of their meager cash, but it doesn't look good.

The ranger starts down the trail and tells them to follow. They depart a few minutes after he leaves. A short way down the trail they encounter the ranger's book and it's tickets strewn all over the trail. SS and her friend collect everything and bury them along with the copy they were given. At the bottom of the trail they see the Ranger. He asked if they saw his lost ticket book. They saw nothing was their response and they too had lost their ticket. The Ranger had no old records and no ticket blanks so they were let off and didn't have to pay the fine. [wishes]

EH and her daughter were thinking that they would like to have some donkeys on their farm. To emphasize their desires they put a "pin the tail on the donkey" picture on the wall of their barn. The next day two donkeys appeared, wandering around near the pasture where they kept their horses. After a lot of calls the owner was located. He had already decided to get rid of the animals so when he found out that EH and her daughter were interested, he sold the donkeys to them for a dollar apiece. She named them Abra and Cadabra (Wishes)

EH decided that she wanted some pheasants on her farm. She also had a peacock and a hen but the cock was a problem. It was always causing trouble with other male animals. It would harass the rooster at every opportunity. It also had a habit of defecating on her husbands shop porch and on his truck. So she decided to get rid of the peacock and then she would get some pheasants. A few days later a male pheasant appears near her chicken coop. It looked tame and so her husband catches it an puts it in the coop with the chickens. Before she could get rid of the peacock it started behaving and no longer causes trouble in the barnyard or with her husband. (wishes for the pheasant) plus peacock heard her desires and shaped up.

GG had to manually check the freedom of her dishwasher machine rotating spray blades after each drying cycle because they would often get stuck. The bottom one was difficult to reach especially if the blade was crosswise to the opening. So she decided to wish that it would always stop perpendicular to the opening and it always does, now. (Wishes)

TT was part of a car pool that went from his neighborhood ten miles away to his work. But the car pool broke up because of the transfer of various members. There were express busses that also went to his company but they left from quite a ways from his home. So he wished that the busses would extend their route into his neighborhood, and within a week or so they did. (wishes)

TT enjoyed his ride for several weeks until he noticed that whenever the bus crossed on the top of a two level bridge that he felt uneasy because from his high bus seat he could not see any railings between him and the river far below. He wished that such a situation would not long continue. Soon the bus company changed the route to the lower level of the same bridge which had all sorts of girders and railings between him and the water, and he was happy. (Wishes in both cases)

SD asked her husband to install a bird feeder in her garden outside her window. He did, and soon all sorts of birds were coming around. But pigeons discovered the feeder and took over. Upset, she wished that a Merlin (pigeon hawk) would discover the pigeons and drive them away. Soon one appeared and it did drive the pigeons away but also caused havoc among the song birds. SD decided she didn't want to watch the turmoil and so had the feeder taken down. Her wise comment about the situation was that "one has to be careful what one wishes for."

LM woke up from a sound sleep gasping for breath. Fumes from the local industrial plant were polluting the night air outside his open window. He became furious with this chronic polluter and wished that it would go away. Then he remembered his power and wished instead that it clean up its effluent. That night the problem plant had a serious fire and with high winds almost burned down. Much of the facility had to be rebuilt and it had to meet the modern emission codes. (Dislikes or anger can disappear or destroy. Wishes will be manifest.)

JF, a radio talk show host, expects that whenever he goes to the downtown area of his city he will find parking for his car and he always does, often with time left on the meter. (Expectations)

MB was attempting to start up a relationship with an old friend but while visiting him she discovered that there was an aspect of his behavior that she disliked. Just as soon as that thought went through her head an argument ensued that ended the possibility of renewing the relationship. (Dislikes disappear people.)

One day MB listened to Bill, an obviously healthy fellow, brag about his outdoor adventures and his drawing disability pensions at the same time. The dishonesty of the fellow prompted MB to wish that he get kicked off the disability roll. A few months she happened to hear from a friend that Bill had indeed been removed from that pension and had to get a job to support himself. (Wishes)

SH just knows that whenever she needs to park her car there will always be a parking spot for her, and there always is. She attributes this ability to her parking fairy. (Wishes or expectations)

RJ was enjoying a fantastic relationship with new partner but then he realized that he was very uncomfortable with one aspect of her behavior. Even though those thoughts were not expressed she cut off the relationship, right then and there. (Dislikes disappear people just as wishes bring them in.)

SH needed enough moneys to pay for airline tickets and expenses to visit relatives on the other side of the continent. She was going to go into credit card debt if necessary but didn't really want to do that. While coordinating with one set of relatives about the visit they volunteered to pay part of her plane fare. The day after SH called a travel agent about schedules another relative sent her a check for Christmas providing enough funds to cover the ticket. (intention for the trip, wishes for the moneys)

GG, a marine engineer, was far out to sea when to his horror he discovered that his ship was low on fresh water. It was his responsibility and he was in trouble. If he informed the head office that it would be necessary to go to another port for water it would cost the company a lot of money. As a consequence he was likely to be fired. So he wished out loud that the propulsion system develop some trouble so he could have an excuse to go to a port for repairs and get some water too. Within minutes the turbines that ran the ship developed serious vibrations. He got permission from the company headquarters to go to a nearby port. GG saved his job by that manifestation. When the manufacturers came to inspect the turbines they found several small holes in a cover plate that leaked oil into the turbines. They had no explanation for how they got there in a system which had worked flawlessly for ten years. (wishes)

ST and her husband were out test driving their new 4 wheel drive vehicle, off road, in the country and in the snow. Before long they were stuck in snow too deep for the wheels to touch the ground, but it had enough strength to support the vehicle. The wheels just spun freely with nothing happening. They attempted to move enough snow with their hands to get down to the ground but it was too difficult. ST decided what they needed was a shovel but there wasn't even a house in sight. They wandered around looking for some sort of material to assist in moving the snow. Then ST noticed something sticking out of a snow bank, it looked like the handle of a shovel. When she pulled it out it was indeed a shovel. It seemed so miraculous that she said she would not have been surprised if the clouds had parted, a beam of light had pierced the sky and an orchestra had sounded a great chord just like in some old Charlton Heston movie. (needs or wishes)

LB's beloved wife named Joan had recently died and he missed her very much. After he finished grieving he asked his God to bring him another Joan. Shortly thereafter while at church an attractive woman introduced herself to him and said her name was Joan. He was so unprepared for her arrival in his life that he panicked and immediately left and went home. The next Sunday he saw her again and apologized and explained his strange behavior. They were able to repair the bad start and now have been happily married for many years. (prayers)

BB wanted to buy a special truck from a local dealer but it would take 90 days to get the order filled. So he shopped for another dealer and found a distant one that would be able to fill the order in 30 days. He wished that he could give his business to the local dealer and before he ordered the truck he found out that the local dealer had been granted special priority from the factory and could also give 30 day delivery. (wishes)

Recently ordained LB found a ministerial job in the Southwest, far from her home state. She located a good house to buy, but procrastinated about making an offer. Finally she decided to do so, but for a whole weekend couldn't locate the real estate agent. When she got through to the agent she discovered to her chagrin that another offer had been accepted. However, within a week she hears that a minister in her home town had moved on so there was a job open there. She applied as was accepted. Of course she had no need for that house in the Southwest. (Future needs have precedence over present desires).

EH and her husband decided that they needed some extra money above and beyond his earning to finish their house which had been under construction for years. Soon after her mother decided to sell her deceased husbands antique Rolls Royce and compensate EH for putting a addition on to her home. So EH and her husband got the moneys to finish their own home. (needs, synonymous with wishes and wants).

DH and some friends built a wooden casket for another friend that died. DH thought there might be a market for the simple and cheap design they had made. But he had no knowledge about marketing such a product. His wife explained the situation to another friend on the phone and this person was able to put them in touch with a nonprofit organization that was providing low cost funeral services to their membership. (needs)

EH needed a better car because her old one was leaking whenever it rained. Her brother found out about her need and offered to pay 1/2 of the price of an old Mercedes in excellent condition that an retired couple were selling at a very good price. (wishes).

EH noticed that whenever she fears that her car might have need for repair, it breaks down. (Expectations; like fear and hope also create)

CB. Direct Quote. "Had a very strong desire for a mate. I have done this before: prayed for a mate and one appeared only this time I was specific. I made a list of about 15 items, physical attributes, personality, beliefs, facial features, etc. She materialized shortly after and she matched almost everything on the list. I have been aware of this (power) in other wants, desires (and resultant) manifestations, but this was the most dramatic example. We are spiritual beings that create our world. (prayers)

CB: "Recalled a time when I needed some money to buy dinner that afternoon I found $10 on the ground". (needs)

SH was typesetting material for her business at office service companies that rented time on their machines. It was difficult to go to these places and find one readily available. She wished that she would be able to have her own machine and avoid all the hassle. About three months later her husband inherits some money and they buy a new desk top publishing computer and printer. Now she does her typesetting in the convenience of her home. (wishes)

SH also did a lot of travel and coveted a laptop computer for working while traveling. A couple of months after acknowledging that desire her stepson gives her a laptop that he no longer used. (wishes)

MN was working as a volunteer assisting young girls who were wards of the court. She decides that a doll dressing contest would be fun for them. As a seamstress she has all the materials necessary for making the clothes. She orders two gross of dolls (288) from a distant factory. After they arrive she realizes that she forgot to order shoes for them. There is no way she can get them from that company in the remaining time, so she prays to her God for assistance. To hedge her bets she looks for shoes at a local toy recycler. They have a few but they don't fit the dolls. While lamenting to the clerk about her desperate need another patron tells her that she is a member of a doll club and has some shoes in her car. If they would fit she could have them, free. MN goes with the women and whataya know, they do fit and there are enough for ALL the 288 dolls. MN readily identified this as a miracle granted by her God. (prayers that include needs and wishes)

HT decided that she needed some kind of subsidized health insurance back about the time that a national plan was being discussed. When it failed to gain enough support she felt let down. But then her state introduced a plan subsidized for low income people. She got her (desires), though not in the form she had expected.

MV operated a relatively new small factory but two years after it was built, it burned down. Interviewed by a newspaper reporter two weeks later MV was quoted as saying: "With the insurance money I can build the kind of facility I always wanted". (Wants, synonymous with wishes)

A review of the manifestations

Reading the above miracles some facts become clear. Many manifestations result in getting what we want. But, others are limited or have a less than happy results for the creator. Limits and negative creations are the result of unawareness on the part of creator. All of the problems that we encounter are the consequence of ignorance of our abilities. Exercising great power without knowledge causes trouble.

To manifest positively and without limits you must change your frame-of-reference or view-of-reality and vocabulary. To complete revise your frame-of-reference you need to do the things detailed in the book "Eden's Guide" by the editor of this column. But, you can begin that change by revising your vocabulary. Give up a words that discount your power. Words like: luck, chance, happenstance, serendipity, Gods will, fortune, Karma, Devils work, etc. etc. .

The key to becoming aware of your miraculous power is to listen to your thinking. Then link the events of your life with these precursor thoughts. I recommend that you record all those you can correlate, for your benifit. If you have the chutzpah, share your miracles with the rest of us. Send them to Trevor Mountaine. He will review/analyze them and post them in this space. Or ask him questions about the process. His addresses are; email, or snail mail c/o the publisher of the book, Heyberg Media, PO Box 741, Port Hadlock, WA 98339-0741

A more complete introduction to this process of manifesting miracles and 130 more examples are available in 'Eden's Guide' (Evidence For And Control Of Our Miraculous Power) ISBN 1-882478-00-2, 237 pp., distributed by New Leaf of GA. Or send your prepaid order to the publisher, for $17.00, postage & tax paid to US addresses.

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