Zeta Reticuli Update

Tape #77
August 4, 1990 - Los Angeles

[The following are excerpts]

Germane: We wish to talk about the Zeta Reticuli. Though the Zetas are known as the "abductors," that they are the ones conducting the genetic experiments, understand that there are many other factions of Zetas that have nothing to do with genetic work and are not even remotely aware of the overall genetic experiments.

Many of these Zeta Reticuli are connected with the Association of Worlds and perform a lot of different tasks. They are very highly technologically developed so a lot of their work is in developing technology for the Association.

This information has not been given in the past because it really hasn't been applicable to your development. But now it is coming out that these Zetas who are only working with technology (and not abductions) have been unaware of your receptivity to them. This means that they have no idea that some of you can receive them. Now they are beginning to realize that this is the case. So as much as a Zeta can be surprised, a surprise to them.

There is an experiment being conducted with you all in this room as we speak. You have all, whether you are aware or not, agreed to be a part of it. There is a Zeta Reticuli being who wishes to speak through this channel who is one of these individuals who is not involved at all with the genetic work on your planet. He has since discovered that humans can receive them. He has somewhat taken on a hobby or research project to work with this. So he has contacted various individuals within the Association for "permission" to conduct his research through the channel before you and with the assistance of all of you.

As a formal statement then, it is requested that we ask you if there are any objections to this. [None.] We will then facilitate the blending with him. If you would all settle yourselves, we will bring him in and begin his research project.

Hoth: Are you receiving? [Yes.] The woman [Sasha] is helping me facilitate this connection. The woman, Sasha. She informs me you appreciate labels. So you may refer to my consciousness as "Hoth."

This is intriguing. For to this time, I have not been aware that the humans that we monitor can receive us. We were not aware of biological vehicles in which translation can be accomplished. This is fascinating. Do you wish to engage in dialogue? Then proceed.

Question: Have you ascertained why the Association didn't tell you about the receptivity of humans?

I assume it was not appropriate. I do not question.

Question: So you have not been offered a reason from the Association.

It is not necessary, since I know now that humans can receive. Why I didn't know then is irrelevant.

Question: Would you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I am biosphere technician. I work in conjunction with the Association in projects of planetary monitoring. I am a technician, technically inclined. I work with a group of others.

Question: How exactly is it that you monitor us?

Not so much monitoring you, but monitoring the biospheric changes of your planet. There are interdimensional probes that are inserted within your biosphere that collect data. We are primarily responsible for retreival and analysis.

Question: What were you told about humans?

That you were in a stage of development right now that was to be undisturbed and that you are in a stage where interference from outer sources could push you in one direction or another. Hence, it is understood when such a civilization is in this type of development, that it is not to be touched.

Question: Where are you physically located?

Presently, I am in chambers with other members of the Association, Sasha for one, who are assisting this communication. We are within a mother ship that is approximately 5 miles above your island Catalina.

Question: Could you define biosphere?

You would call it atmospheric conditions of your planet, but it is much more. It is how the atmosphere conditions interrelate with the planetary ecological conditions as well as influence coming from interdimensional sources that play into the biospheric structure. My specialty is radiation.

Question: Do you ever work with other planets as well, or just Earth?

Others, yes. I have worked in the Barnard Star system. I have worked...I am not allowed to tell you where...but in other growing cultures.

Question: When you say you are not allowed to tell us something, what or who isn't allowing you?

It is a recognition that the flow of information is not present. If the flow of information is not present, then it is not appropriate to force the flow. It translates as "not being allowed."

Question: What is your perception or reaction to the Zetas that we term "negative?"

Referencing, one moment. Parallel genetic strains of the core genetics of my race...whose focus and intention differ from ours. Physical make up is very similar in some cases, thus the only way to tell the difference is through, you would call it, your own "feeling." For us it is vibratory in nature.

Question: Is your branch of the Zeta species also facing extinction?

It is a theoretical extinction. But in the nature of your question, we can say yes.

Question: Do you have anything to say about the genetic projects and abductions that are going on by other members of your species?

Though we are connected as a group mind, the recognition of what the left hand is not always clear from the right hand's point of view. Within my racial knowingness, I am aware of a portion of myself (represented by other Zetas) that is concerned about the future of my race. Since I know a portion of me is preoccupied with this, I do not concern myself with it.

Question: Since you refer to yourself as a Zeta Reticuli, are you indigenous to that system?

My forefathers are indigenous to that system. It has been many generations since we have actively lived on the planet. We've lived in space. So my connection with the planet is through my racial memory and through galactic history.