ETs and Ancient Japan

August 24, 1993
Tokyo, Japan
Germane Through Lyssa Royal

Germane: Greetings to you. Pleasure to be with all of you this night. We have lots of information to share. But as is usual in your dimension, there is a time limit. So we are going to give you the most concise, simplified story possible. We will present what we wish to present, and then the rest of the evening will be questions and answers with you.

We understand the subject is Japan's ancient ET connection. But before we get more specific about that, we have to give you a little historical background about the creation of Homo sapiens on Earth. That information will fit directly in with the information about ancient Japan. It is actually quite significant. We'll condense some of this and try to make a complete story.

There were a group of ETs - the Lyrans primarily, and the Sirians as a secondary group, who were engaged in genetic experiments to create new breed of human on Earth. One of the major purposes for this undertaking was because these ETs wanted to create new upgraded bodies that they could eventually incarnate into. So this genetic project was a very long and involved one, taking many thousands of years.

There was DNA used from the ETs mixed with the indigenous DNA from the primates. This eventually created the prototypes which in your history you have called "Adam" and "Eve". So in that sense, there was not just one Adam and one Eve; they were representing a whole group of prototypes all over the planet.

There were many genetic projects going on simultaneously around the Earth. The primary ones were in the area of Africa and Asia. These different genetic projects going on all over the Earth account for the different races on your planet. However, in this time, all of these projects were creating all the races on Earth except the Asian race. You had the Caucasian prototypes, Negroid prototypes, Brown-skinned prototypes (like Native Americans), but no Asians.

Here is where the story may sound like science fiction. As these experiments were going on, the genetic engineers received a visit from some ETs from the future. Before we go further with what the people from the future said, we are going to say one other thing.

Up until this point, the ETs interacting with Earth were usually in conflict with each other. There was conflict throughout the whole galactic family. No matter what they did, they could never seem to resolve their conflicts. So one of the desires for this genetic project was that the new humans would have an advanced body which would be able to integrate energy in a different way so that they would be the first species to begin resolving conflict. Quite a burden for a new race.

So these beings from the future came to see the genetic engineers. This is what they said: "Your genetic project, as we view it in the future, has not succeeded. You've created too much diversity on Earth and the peoples of Earth are in conflict with each other. They are not fulfilling what you want them to fulfill in the future. You must do something else. You must do something to fix this."

You can imagine that this was quite a shock for the genetic engineers who had put generations of work into this genetic project. So, they sought further advice from these future beings. "What can we do," they said, "to create a more unified Earth in the future?" The beings from the future then said that the genetic engineers needed to incorporate another new prototype on Earth so that eventually, in the future, as all of the natures of the different prototypes began integrating, harmony would be the result.

This is when they began working on the prototypes for the Asian race. They took some DNA from some civilizations (which we will name in a moment) which had a strong sense of unification within their people. They combined this DNA with the Earth prototypes. As they did this, they began to create a new prototype race that would eventually, aeons in the future, help to integrate the entire planet. This new prototype was for the Asian race.

The ET beings whose DNA they took was a group that you now call the Zeta Reticuli. These beings, for those of you who are not familiar with them, are the ones who are small with large dark eyes. They also took Pleiadian DNA as well, which was already in the other prototypes. And, they took DNA from the Sirians which was also present in the other prototypes. They made a whole new mixture. That is what began to create the Asian race.

For you to understand the significance of this, we will first tell you some of the qualities of the Zeta Reticuli. Within the Zeta Reticuli, there is very little individuality. They operate as a group mind. Not only is there little individuality on the personality level, but there is also nearly no individuality in terms of their physical bodies. They nearly look identical. The genetic engineers felt that this race was really the perfect race to use to create the integrated race on Earth because they have such little individuality. They felt that that factor in the future was what was going to help bring the entire planet together.

Now we will point out to you how the Asian races manifests the Zeta Reticuli qualities. Your race has hardly any variation in skin tone. There is some, but not much compared to other races. There is also not a lot of variation in eye and hair color, either. And you also don't display the wide range of different body types that other races do.

Those are just external things. However, where the power lies is in the internal qualities of the Zeta Reticuli that the Asian race possesses. For one thing, the Zetas have a very solid and inner sense of their spiritual connection to All That Is or God. The Zetas are very interested in ritual to express their spirituality. And, their minds are very much linked together even in daily life. These qualities are what the genetic engineers felt were so essential to bring to the Earth.

The main areas where the prototypes were created were in areas of Japan, for the most part, that are no longer above the water. It is always a good idea when you are doing a genetic project like creating prototypes, that you do it on an island or in an isolated area in order to contain the experiment. So this is why the area of Japan was chosen. Any further south, it would have been too hot.

It is interesting because the belief that many in Japan have about their divine heritage is, in a sense, very, very accurate. This is not to say that the other prototypes did not have divine heritage also, which they did. But in a sense, [the Asian] race had more pressure put upon it because it had a very specific function that the genetic engineers desired for them to accomplish.

So once the prototypes were created, they were assisted or tended by various ET groups, most notably Pleiadian. In the ancient days, as the prototypes began reproducing themselves and populating the area, the Pleiadians did whatever they could to teach spirituality to these new prototypes. The Pleiadians also tried to incorporate into their teachings some of the ancient spiritual principles of the Zeta Reticuli as well.

The Zeta Reticuli were not physically present for the teaching of the prototypes. So the Pleiadians taught whatever spirituality they understood that the Zetas practiced in their ancient past. We know this story is convoluted because it is so complicated, but we will simply say that the past of the Zeta Reticuli is what we consider Vegan. [From the Vega system] So basically the Pleiadians were not only teaching Pleiadian spirituality, but they were attempting to teach ancient Vegan spirituality as well.

Once the prototypes began reproducing and the area became populated, groups were taken to other areas to spread out their development, such as in Mongolia, etc. In these ancient days, the prototypes were reproducing and becoming a new race. They had much interaction with the Pleiadians. In a sense, the Pleiadians became like guides and parents to this new race. There was a very strong bond that was formed.

Within Japan, you have some very ancient rituals of which you may not even be aware of their origin. Throughout time, these rituals have changed and adapted to the present day. The ancient rituals were different from those being done today. But what is being done is helping to carry on that ancient memory.

For instance, what is now your tea ceremony used to be a very ancient Vegan ritual that the Pleiadians taught to you. Before we go further with this, we are going to tell you that the Pleiadians focused a lot of their teaching in the birthplace of the Asian race, which was an area of Japan (which was larger then, with more islands) and there were other teachers (of several different ET lineages) given to other groups of prototypes in other locations as well.

The original Vegan form of the tea ceremony actually lasted three days and three nights. They didn't teach you the long version. They condensed it. But the ritual, as the Pleiadians understood it, was very important to the Vegans. Because of this, the Pleiadians felt it was very important to pass it along to you. To the Vegans, it was the ultimate form of expression of spirituality. It also combined body movement as well, and running of energy.

Also, in the traditional Japanese architecture there is Pleiadian influence as well. There are certain qualities in traditional Japanese/Pleiadian architecture that are still present today in a different form. For instance, the use of a gate or threshold to separate environments (or to separate the energy of different environments) was very important to the Pleiadians and so they passed that along. So this manifests itself today in some of the landscaping that is done in Japan.

There is a change in consciousness when you enter a Japanese garden. It is meant to be another world. In the original days, the Pleiadians taught a much more complicated version. Usually the more complex version was used by priests or holy people rather than the general public. The best way to describe this ancient version is as follows:

The person starts out in the physical world. Let's say they eventually want to get to a place where their consciousness can be in total communion with God. They will go physically through seven separate environments until they get to the environment that is the most spiritual in vibration. Moving through the seven separate environments was a way to gradually shift the consciousness one step at a time until it could get to that spiritual place.

We would like to give a side note here, because this is important for the channel [Lyssa] to know. The dream she had of placing her forehead over the thresholds and going through several thresholds was her memory of this seven-step process. For convenience, over time this seven step process was shortened or used for very specific ceremonies.

The traditional Japanese rooms being sparse and harmoniously organized is very Pleiadian as well. Simplicity was very important to them. So is the harmony of the living space with nature. So many of these Pleiadian qualities were passed on and then the Japanese people have developed them even further. It would be difficult for us to tell you about each one because much of the ancient memory has been lost. However, it is important to know that that connection with the Pleiadians is very ancient and is very deep within the Japanese people.

Of all the races on Earth physically, we would say that the Pleiadians resemble the Asians the most. There are many different subgroups within the Pleiadians so there are light-haired and light-eyed Pleiadians as well. But in one of the most dominant Pleiadian groups, the females are very petite like this channel and many of your women as well. Within this dominant Pleiadian group the men also are not very large.

One of the most dominant features of the Pleiadians that you [the Japanese] carry is the eyes. Even the light-skinned and light-eyed Pleiadians have eyes that are almond-shaped and more Asian-looking rather than Caucasian. However, their eyes are larger than yours. So, if you met a Pleiadian on the street, he or she could pass as human but would look unusual. You might think the Pleiadian is a combination of Asian and Caucasian. So even today physically, you have a lot of the qualities of the Pleiadians. Theirs was the dominant genetics used for the prototype projects.

One other body quality is that of many of the races on Earth, the Asian has less body hair. That is a Pleiadian quality most definitely, but it is also a Zeta Reticuli quality as well.

Let us talk about this object for a moment. [Germane hold up a statue of a Dogu.] Some of you may recognize this as a Dogu. The idea of the Dogu has been very important to maintain among your people, even if it is just in thought. This is because symbolically, it reminds you on a very deep level of your star heritage. In a sense the idea behind it is similar to the Kachina dolls of the Native Americans. In every culture on Earth there is a way that has been preserved to remember the star heritage. However, most civilizations have lost the ability to really understand the symbolism on that level.

The most obvious question would be, "Is this a literal depiction of the ancient ETs?" We would say that no, it is not literal. But it incorporates many ideas regarding your ET forefathers that you've wanted to keep alive.

Among all ancient peoples, even hypothetically people who have no star heritage (which is not true on your Earth), the natural tendency of primitive peoples is to create power objects which reflect the archetypes within. Often anthropologists have misunderstood the meaning of these power objects and have thought that primitive people worshipped them. Though that may have happened in later times, the early primitive peoples recognized these power objects as being a reflection of what is inside of them.

One of the power objects that primitive peoples used nearly without exception, was a figure that represented fertility or the Mother Goddess. Birth, of course, was one of the most important things for a primitive people because it kept their people alive. And so fertility is sacred. So this figure combines many ideas. First of all on the very basic level, it is a figure depicting the Mother Goddess. But then one may say, "Why does the Mother Goddess figure look so extraterrestrially influenced?"

Obviously, the story we just told you says that your creation and your very reproduction is because of the genetic projects done by these ETs. So, the ET connection had to be depicted along with the Mother Goddess. It has been a long time since people on Earth understood the various totem or symbols who were on Earth during those days.

You will find that the Dogu, in its intricate work, also expresses Pleiadian energy, Sirian energy, and Zeta/Vegan energy. The very oldest Dogu, (most of them are not recovered whole anymore) have very clear depictions of the symbols of these ancient ETs. Most of these ancient Dogu have disintegrated over time and so you've not yet recovered a whole one. One some of these old Dogu you will find serpent symbols, which represent the Sirians. You will also find bird symbols which could either be Pleiadian or Lyran. Those symbols were a tribute to the ET Mother Goddess, so to speak.

You know, many people may wonder why we feel it is so important to speak about the ET heritage of human beings. Some people think there are too many problems on Earth now, so why put your head in the stars? However, in a sense, Earth humans are like abandoned children. You've grown up, just about reaching adulthood, and have never been told who your parents are. A child who doesn't know who his parents are grows up confused and has many problems throughout his life. Until he discovers who he is, he may never be at peace. So we feel it is so important for the human species to no longer feel like and abandoned child, and to know that they have a family out in the cosmos. Once they begin to know their identity an their heritage, they will feel so much stronger to tackle whatever problems face them in present time.

You've been left many, many tools and clues to teach you about this heritage. There are objects like this Dogu, and there are so many legends. In every aspect of society there is a clue. If humans will open their eyes and their hearts and not be afraid to discover the unknown, they will discover those clues. Since all of you are here tonight because the subject interests you, then obviously mankind is beginning to awaken.

From our point of view, the entire project on Earth has been a success. We see all of you humans on Earth uniting together in the future. You do become the planetary species that your forefathers hoped you would become. That outcome is assured. But now you all have to simply help the process along by being who you naturally are. We would suggest that you feel proud of your heritage. For your planetary species is the product of many different groups of your forefathers who, in the heavens, could not solve their conflicts. But they will now do so through you. And, the most amazing part of this is that reincarnationally you on Earth are your forefathers. Those ET genetic engineers of so long ago are now you reincarnated here today to help continue the project. You know exactly what you are doing, and it will be a success. May we be the first to congratulate you.

We are going to allow you to take a short break. In the next half we will take questions. We look forward to speaking with you again. [Break]

Germane: Greetings again. Questions please.

Please discuss Japan's power spots like Mt. Fuji and Tenkawa Shrine.

First of all, let us address Mt. Fuji. There are major power spots all over the world that correspond to the human chakras. It is out perception that Mt. Fuji corresponds with the crown chakra of the planet. This makes a lot of sense also if you think about something else we've said in the past, which we will repeat. Japan has a very unique role in this time of transition. Throughout your planet's history you've had all the wisdom from the east. And you've had all the technology from the west. The west has never wanted to accept the east, and the east hasn't wanted to accept the west. Thus the fundamental energies of the east and west have been conflicting.

There needs to be a doorway on the planet where both the east and the west can come together and integrate. Japan is that doorway. It is quite appropriate that you would have the crown chakra of the planet here to help you with that integrative process. As many Japanese people are awakening to their own spirituality, they are helping to integrate the energies of the east and west.

Fuji-san represents a doorway through which that can be done. Whenever you visit that area, your own crown chakra gets activated. As you work with the energy of the area and help to activate the energy of Fuji, you are also helping this entire planetary integrative process. We would say that the energy of Fuji is essential for the planet's integration. We know that there has been much rumor about Fuji-san erupting. We've heard all the gloom and doom prophesy for that! However, our understanding is that should Fuji-san erupt in that way, it would represent a tremendous kundalini experience for the planet - too much energy moving too fast. We perceive instead that simply its activation will occur slowly and gradually at a pace that is comfortable for the entire planet.

Regarding Tenkawa Shrine, that place has a very ancient connection. The shrine itself is not that ancient, of course. But the site itself goes back to the time of the prototype work. It is our understanding that the area around Tenkawa Shrine, perhaps about 1/2 kilometer diameter around it, was one of the major schooling areas by the Pleiadians for the new prototypes. So, there is a strong Pleiadian energy there.

The symbol of Tenkawa Shrine, the three circles in a triangle, is a symbol that has been used by your ET forefathers long before Earth was in existence. The symbol of the triad has always represented integration. It means one polarity, its opposite, and the integration of the two. If you remember what we said earlier, it was hoped that the Asian race would serve as an integrative point for the entire planet, then you can see why this symbol is so appropriate for the shrine, which was an old educational site.

That is the most important translation of the symbol. There is one more, however. The three points represent Pleiadian energy, Zeta Reticuli energy, and Earth energy. In a sense it was a proclamation of the bonds that exist between the three. So from that perspective, it is a very sacred site. Does that answer the question?

Please also explain why many of the power spots are on the same line from each other.

There are energetic grid lines that run around your planet. Imagine that the globe is covered in a cloth. The fabric of that cloth, the actual threads, is like those grid lines. Where the lines cross represent power points. Whenever humans are seeking to make a shrine or sacred spot, they are naturally drawn to those intersections of grid lines. So the fact that there are some sacred spots on the same is representative of that same idea - it is one thread of the tapestry. The ancients were very aware of that when they built their sacred places.

I have heard that Amaterasu, (which literally means the Sun Goddess), has a direct connection to Andromeda. When I look at the Dogu, the image of Andromeda comes to my mind. When we were at Machu Picchu, I met a being who you said was Andromedan. Could you talk about this experience more, as well as the Andromedan connection with ancient Japan?

First of all, we will answer the question about Japan's connection with the ancient Andromedans but will have to give a brief answer to the personal aspects of your question. We are going to try to simplify this because the information may be quite complex.

Each civilization, including ET civilizations, have other ET civilizations who guide them. For instance, Earth people have the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians have other ET civilizations which guide them. To make a long story short, the two main civilizations that guide the Pleiadians are an interdimensional group call the DALs, and the Andromedans.

Often when you on Earth are seeking to work through your own transformation, you look toward the Pleiadians for assistance. The Pleiadians, when they seek to learn, they look to their teachers, the DALs and the Andromedans. During the education process of the new humans in Japan by the Pleiadians, the Pleiadians called in some of their teachers for assistance. They called in primarily the Andromedans. So the Andromedans were a guiding force for the Pleiadians as the Pleiadians were teaching you. Their energy was felt in ancient Japan as well as in other areas of Earth as well. The Sun Goddess you mentioned has both the Andromedan and Pleiadian connections. She was here for a short time working with the Pleiadians who were working with the humans. Without making it too complex, she was Andromedan but did not come in her true form to Earth. She radiated so much unconditional love, it was very profound for the humans. This is why the memory of her has carried through the mythology until today.

As far as your personal connection, we will answer that in one sentence. You had a life as one of these Pleiadian teachers in Japan interacting with the Andromedan energy. That is why you feel the connection.

I would like to know if the "Immaculate Conception" really took place, and the truth about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Very interesting story. Before we begin this, please understand that the early history on Earth is so filled with political disputes between the ETs and lots of intrigue that it would read like a good novel. It is easy to think that the ETs are these wonderfully evolved beings who have nothing to learn, but that is not true. Simply put, they had their own conflicts and their own issues to learn.

So with that in mind, now we will address the birth of Christ. Throughout time, before Christ's birth, there were many efforts at combining genetics in such a way that someone would be born who would almost be like an advanced version of Man. The birth of Christ was one of those genetic projects in which it was hoped a new stage of man would be created.

Your myths say that Mary was impregnated by an angel. In a very real sense, that is true. But the angel was not some "heavenly creature." It was an ET being who was desiring to create this new genetic version of Man. The genetics that Christ held were a combination of Sirian and Pleiadian. The desire of course was that if this mixture would get into the stream of genetics on Earth, eventually mankind would transform itself.

Most people believe this was a failure because they believe Christ died on the cross and therefore was not able to have any children and spread his genetics. But at the risk of sounding blasphemous, we will say that he did not die on the cross, and yes, he had children. In his life after that crucifixion, he hid and traveled to many areas in your world. He traveled to southern Europe, India, and Japan. We know that there are some books that speak of a place in Northern Japan where Christ is supposed to be buried. We would say that in our perception it was not he who was buried here, but one of his descendants. So this Immaculate Conception was another of the many genetic projects that have gone on throughout history. Any other aspect of that you would like to explore?

In referring to Ise Shrine, in Arabic "Ise" means Jesus Christ. Do you have a comment on this?

We have also heard that there are areas of Japan that still have chants or songs that are understood in Hebrew. We have also heard that there are other words that are known that are understood in Arabic as well. The reason for this of course would be that there have been migrations of people from the area of the Mediterranean (and Northern Africa) to Japan and they brought with them earlier version of the Arabic and Hebrew languages.

Whether or not "Ise" means Jesus Christ in Arabic, we cannot tell you whether that is accurate. We have no connection with your Earth languages other than through the channel. But it would not surprise us if that is true because there was a migration after Christ's so-called crucifixion to Japan and other areas from that African area. They were intent on bringing the knowledge of Christ here as well, even way back then. In some ways, it is very significant that the area of Ise Shrine has moved from time to time. This represents the migration of Christ. So, there is a connection between the middle east in Jesus' time period and Japan.

There is the idea of the hundredth monkey, and some people say that the Earth is the hundredth monkey in the galactic family.

Ah, a planet full of monkeys, yes?

Could you comment on this? What would be the effect of our Earth's integration on some of our neighbors, like the DAL Universe, which lies adjacent to us? One more thing. Are the Andromedans coming from a particular area of Andromeda?

Regarding the hundredth monkey idea and your planet, you've tapped into the entire idea presented in "The Prism of Lyra". We would agree that Earth does represent the hundredth monkey. The reason for that is because there has been so much attention focused on Earth for thousands of years. At first, the attention by the ETs was on a planet (Earth) that didn't even have life yet. Then once human life began on Earth, those same ETs began incarnating here. Now in present day, 99% of the people on Earth are those old ETs still trying to work out their conflicts from ancient times.

Earth has been chosen as that final ground where the integration will take place. It will happen here because all of the souls who are here were once that diverse group of ETs who have now come together "under the same roof" in order to do this. Yes, you are all connected, even with ETs as distant as the DALs, just like all the cells in your body are connected.

Think of the other civilizations in the universe as being all part of the same body. If one cell in your body gets cancer, all the cells in your body have to work that much harder to heal the cancer. If that cell that has cancer is healed, then the entire body is healed and restored to wholeness. That is how you are so tightly connected.

Regarding Andromeda, yes of course it is an entire galaxy unto itself. Obviously it would then have millions of planets. But when we refer to Andromeda, we are not referring to a specific planet or species. We are referring to the "realm" of Andromeda. It is a unique dimensional frequency. In a sense, that galaxy has its own set of rules by which it learns its own lessons. Somehow you find a common bond or thread that ties you whereby you can learn from each other even if it is on an abstract level.

We will give you a very brief example of what reality is like in the Andromedan realm. In your reality, when you are walking down the street, there is a sense of constancy -- meaning that as you walk down the street, you are always wearing the same clothes. That is constancy. This is a very simplified example, but if you were in the Andromedan realm it would look as follows: Imagine walking down the street and at every moment what you are wearing is changing. The entire scenery around you keeps changing. The rules of reality there are very different. But there is a realm of consciousness that you, the Pleiadians, and the Andromedans can meet upon. It is a very abstract realm. We cannot really go into more depth tonight about this.

There are three significant and beautiful sites in Japan, and when connected they form an elongated triangle. Some people believe that these sites were the ancient communication centers between the ETs and the ancient Japanese. The three sites are Miyajima Island, Matsushima, and Amano-hashidate ("Heavenly Bridge"). Would you like to comment on this?

First of all we will speak about the Heavenly Bridge (Amano-hashidate). That area is very ancient because it represents the actual physical place where there was a space port. Many of the ETs came and went there. Thus, a bridge between the heaven and the earth. That is pretty obvious, so we don't have to explain what that means!

Miyajima has a very strong Pleiadian energy. This was one of the communities where some of the genetic work was done for the Asian prototypes. It was mostly Pleiadians who were populating that area. Also, some of the Pleiadian and Vegan spiritual teachings we were telling you about that the Pleiadians gave to the new humans were given in this area as well. As a side note to tell the channel, she was a Pleiadian at that time during the prototype education there in Miyajima. (Excuse us for giving personal information in a group, but she often doesn't listen to us unless we are channeling to a group!)

As far as Matsushima in concerned, do you know if at any time in known history the Ainu lived there? [The Ainu are Japan's indigenous people.]

Because the Ainu lived in Northern Japan, we can assume that they lived in this area.

We perceive that this site was the site of another genetic project that was going on which combined genetics differently to produce the Ainu. But in all honesty, much of the information about that place is closed to us for an unknown reason. So we can only assume it is not time to release it. Does that answer your question?

Another channel told me that there was some secret hidden in the northern part of Japan and it is not time to release it.

Yes, that is what we are sensing as well. We must always honor the timing. If all the secrets were revealed now, the rest of your life would be pretty boring!

Does the revealing of those secrets have anything to do with the evolution of our consciousness?

Yes. Your bodies, on the physical cellular level are like computers. As we told you earlier, there is a lot of knowledge about your ancient past locked within the cells of your body. Whenever you get to a certain vibrational frequency, it is as if that frequency becomes a key that unlocks more information. So yes, timing has everything to do with the state of consciousness.

All of our souls originated from the same God source, but yet it seems like the ancient ETs taught that they were Gods.

Actually, they did not teach that idea of separation. What happened was that there was a period of time after these prototypes were already creating communities when much of the ET presence left the planet. This is part of the abandonment energy. During that time period, humans tried to emulate what they had been taught by the ETs. As generations passed, they lost much of the inherent truth and began externalizing the Gods. As the humans lost touch with the truth that they were taught by the ETs (of a spiritual universe), the idea of God was eventually distorted to mean that the Gods were outside of oneself.

We've answered this question in the context of the Pleiadians. But, some of the other ET groups had their own agendas. Especially in the areas that is now the middle east, there were some ET beings who instilled much fear in humans. Unfortunately, they perpetuated the belief in God or power outside of humans in order to keep the humans in line. For the most part, they were not Pleiadian. Some of them were Lyran, some of them were Sirian. For even some of those ETs had their own lessons to learn and had their own problems with their egos. It is unfortunate, but mankind is still feeling the pain from this.

You mentioned that there was a ceremony which consisted of seven steps to get close to God. Did the Pleiadians have an idea of God since they used this ceremony?

Yes. Deep within themselves, they knew that God was not only within them, but all around them. They felt that it was simply a matter of taking steps in life to raise one's consciousness to become like God. So, they attempted to communicate this to the humans. But often when one is communicating very esoteric subjects that are not based on thought but on internal sensing, it is very difficult. At that time, they did the best they could.

All of these ET civilizations you've mentioned are outside of the solar system. What is happening with the consciousness within our solar system during the transformation?

First of all, there is always consciousness around any body in space. In that sense, the sun has a consciousness. But we are speaking about ET civilizations who are physical like you. Our understanding is that the consciousness around the other planets in your solar system is nonphysical, in another dimension entirely. In that sense, it has no genetic connection to you, though there is a spiritual connection because those consciousnesses also guide you.

There is a symbol found in Japan which is identical to the symbol found in Nazca, Peru. Could you comment on this?

In ancient times, the ET Gods who were in higher positions had their own symbol. Often the symbol would be worn on the clothing of the people who served that ET God. The God who had that symbol that is found at Nazca (in Peru) and the identical symbol found in Japan was a Pleiadian being. That was his symbol. Once the Gods left the planet, the humans were often very lonely. They always looked to the heavens for them to return. They would often use that symbol to call the God, hoping that he would come back. They would use it in whatever way they could, even in small totems.

In present day, many of you have felt that Japan has a strong connection with Peru. The connection is very ancient. One of the reasons is because some of the same ET Gods who interacted with you interacted with ancient Peru as well. In a sense, when many of you go to Peru, you are also getting in touch with the ancient Japan energy as well. It is another way to activate that within you.

There is some strange similarity of names of sacred places, including places in Japan. Is that a Lemurian connection?

In some cases that is true, but in others the similarity in sound is because it is a name or title for some of the ancient Gods. These names or titles were used in many of the different cities. Often there would be a foundation word and other words would be built around it. That foundation word represented the God and the addition of other sounds to it was a recognition of territory.

Could you tell us something about the true origin of the Japanese royal family?

This may sound strange, but we are going to give you an analogy. When you have a document that has been typed and you want to make copies of it and distribute it, you never give away the master copy, you only give away the copies. This way you can preserve the original. In ancient times during the times when the prototypes were created, it was important that they maintained the master copies, so to speak. So some of these master copies or prototypes were kept, and their breeding was rigidly controlled. This was so that the original genetics would not be diluted.

Obviously, you can only do this for a short period of time because inbreeding starts happening. Then when they started having to bring people from the outside in to continue the line, they had to choose those people carefully. So the Japanese royal family now is the current version of those ancient prototypes who were rigidly bred in order to be kept pure.

You know that within the royal family and especially in times of coronation there are some very secret rituals that are done. Some of these secret rituals are based in the teachings that were given mostly by the Pleiadians in ancient times. Even though the royal family has lost the memory of the prototype projects and the ancient ET interactions, there are parts of the memory kept alive through myth. Some of these myths are not even known by the general public but are kept secret within the royal family. But if you were to know what those myths were, you would see that the interpretation of the myths would be very similar to the story we have told you tonight.

If you on Earth had the ability to duck underneath the chaos and go through history, you would find that right now on the planet there is a predominant royal line of every race. That will tell you very clearly that the genetic project is still continuing.

Some people believe that within the Japanese royal family there is Hebrew blood. In some of the Shinto ceremonies, there are elements of the Jewish religion as well. Was there any interaction between the Japanese royal family and the ancient Hebrews?

The way we will answer this question is to tell you that the Hebrew connection is Sirian. And yes, there was plenty of Sirius contact during the time of the prototypes because the Sirians were the primary genetic engineers. So the Sirians influenced the Hebrews, and the Sirians influenced the Asians. So on that level there is a connection because the Sirians (being connected to both the Hebrews and the Asians) influenced both of you. Also, there was migration of Hebrews into Japan. A predominant time of this was shortly after the "death" of Christ. We know for now that that answer is incomplete and we apologize. It is much more convoluted. Perhaps that will give you something to start your research with.

It has been a pleasure to converse with you all this night. Your energy and your questions have been most appreciated. We have really only given you a very small fraction of all of the things that have gone on in your world. The most important truth that you will find will always come from within. So perhaps what we have shared with you will stimulate you to find that truth within.

With much respect and love, we bid you a fond good night.