Lyssa Royal


Lyssa Royal is an internationally recognized author, lecturer and channel. She was raised in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. While getting her B.A. degree in Psychology, she developed an interest in hypnosis and learned to place herself in altered states of consciousness for the purpose of stress management. This ability helped her to develop the necessary skills for her later development as a channel.

In 1979, Lyssa and her family witnessed an extraordinary UFO sighting near their home in New Hampshire. This experience triggered an acute interest in extraterrestrial phenomena which propelled her into an in-depth study of the nature of extraterrestrial consciousness using her channeling and intuitive abilities. Though she works frequently with extraterrestrial information, the practical application of what she teaches and channels is her highest priority.

Lyssa Royal has been using her channeling skills professionally since 1986 by channeling for thousands around the world at expos and special events. She has been seen several times on national and international television, heard live on radio shows, and is a regular contributor to the magazines Connecting Link and The Sedona Journal of Emergence. Lyssa conducts extensive tours throughout Japan and Australia and continues to lead tour groups to ancient power spots such as the Yucatan, Guatemala, Egypt, Peru, Easter Island, and Greece. Lyssa is the co-author of several books published in five countries: The Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage (American, German, and Japanese versions), Visitors from Within (American and German versions), Future Sex (American and Australian versions), The Sedona Vortex Guide Book, and Preparing for Contact: A Metamorphosis of Consciousness (American, German and Japanese versions). Lyssa is listed in Who's Who in Writers, Editors, and Poets.

Lyssa has also been appointed a coordinator for The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) in Arizona and conducts in-depth field research into CE-5s -- human-initiated contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. She continues to conduct both private and public sessions on subjects of a metaphysical nature, always assisting the client to strive for a deeper sense of self-empowerment.

Lyssa lives in Arizona and continues to write and travel worldwide. For more information please contact:

Royal Priest Research

c/o PO Box 30973 - Phoenix, Arizona 85046