A main principle for transportation methods in HoloWorld is that they need to be relatively unobtrusive and gentle to the environment. That rules out criss-crossing the whole surface of the earth with freeways placed on the ground itself.

Long distance transportation would usually happen on elevated levitation train tracks, or in underground tubes, or through the air.

Overall there is somewhat less need for transportation in HoloWorld. People will typically work mostly where they are, locally in their community. The main reason for going somewhere else is to see something new, to participate in social or cultural events, to travel. In other words, you travel if you truly feel like visiting and exploring another place, not just to commute back and forth between different places because things are badly organized.

Some people choose to live as nomads, being mobile most of the time, moving from place to place. This might happen in mobile homes traveling on the elevated highways or trainways, or as boats, submarines or airships.

Fossil fuels are not used for transportation, with a few exceptions for effect, such as some motorcycles. Mostly electricity is used, derived from solar energy, but also innovative energy storage methods, such as oxygen and hydrogen stored in tanks and burned in engines that produce water as a result.

For most everyday purposes walking or bicycling around one's local community is perfectly satisfactory for most people.