A Multitude of Worlds

HoloWorld is not just one thing. Rather it is synergetic whole composed of the many worlds that people choose to live in.

HoloWorld has freedom of choice and cultivates creativity and imagination. Thus there is an incredible variety of what environments people choose to live in.

We are not just talking here about people having slightly different houses or styles of clothes. We are talking about drastically different modes of living.

HoloWorld is a multi-dimensional nexus of life. Life is being explored in many variations at the same time.

If you try to take it all in at one time it will appear very chaotic. However, there is no particular reason to. People in HoloWorld have stopped trying to neatly categorize the whole world into stuff that is familiar and understood.

Rather, the game is to explore and improve what is going on right where you are. Your life is what is right before you. If you get bored with the environment you are in there will always be an abundant choice of other environments.

Because of expansions in the mass-consciousness and the synergetic mechanics of society life is increasingly based on non-physical factors. That is, you are not very hindered by physical circumstances. Changing your conditions of living less takes hard work and effort than it takes creativity and personal choice.