Knowledge is inherently sharable and will have most value by being shared by the most people.

There are no mechanism in HoloWorld for supporting the hiding and exclusive use of knowledge. There are no intellectual property laws, there are no secret government installations.

The economy in HoloWorld gives no advantage to those who hoard information or key knowledge. On the contrary. The only way of gaining an advantage from knowledge one possesses is to make it widely available. The appreciation from others is what will bring benefit back to the originators of the knowledge.

However, there is little emphasis on ownership of knowledge. Knowledge is only valuable if used, and it is most valuable if used by many people.

Ideas will often appear in many places at roughly the same time. Sometimes it is just the right time for a certain idea to flourish.

Knowledge networks develop to maximize the sharing and the usefulness of knowledge. Computer networks are used for linking people up with banks of knowledge and with people who possess knowledge of any kind.

Knowledge is not just information. Rather it is the awareness of what is possible, how it is done, and when it is appropriate to do.

Despite widespread free access to information, some people will develop exceptional knowledge in certain areas. They will develop the experience and the instincts that allow them to understand and explain and act within a certain area.

It is perfectly viable to choose to be an expert in a certain area of knowledge and to make one's knowledge available to others. Rather than many people having to invent the same wheels it becomes common to go directly to the masters of the field one is interested in pursuing. And as there is no advantage for those masters in hiding their knowledge one will usually fine that they are quite accessible and willing to share their knowledge.

Hidden knowledge has no economic value in HoloWorld. Shared knowledge and applied knowledge does.