The basic building block of the HoloWorld society is the individual. The individual has the essential power and freedom to choose.

However, this is not a system that gives any advantage to self-serving, ego-centric behavior. You will much more harvest the fruits of the system by being a responsible citizen who cooperates with others and works for the benefit of the whole as well as for yourself and those close to you.

Each individual is unique. Life becomes truly an enjoyable experience by exploring just that uniqueness. There are unique perspectives and unique contributions that you particularly have to offer to the world. Pursuing your particular calling will both provide the most fulfilling life for yourself, and it will make you the most enjoyable person to be around.

The normal mode of operation in HoloWorld is to do what you see needs to be done, and that nobody else seems to be taking care of.

Most individuals will spend their time becoming the best they can be. The pursuit of personal mastery in your chosen areas of interest is a source of pride.

Personal development is an essential part of most people's lives. Life is a playing field for working through one's mental and emotional issues and achieving higher levels of consciousness.

In HoloWorld there is no polarized relationship between the individual and society. It is not you against the rest. Rather, personal empowerment is found in simultaneously working for the good of both yourself and the whole system you are part of. They are intricately tied together. You can not ignore one for the benefit of the other.