Housing in HoloWorld is taken care of in both smaller and bigger ways than what is commonly known in other societies.

Much one-family housing will be done by the principle of doing more with less. It will be quite common that families will construct their homes themselves, with pre-fabricated modules, or by easily available construction techniques.

Universal building codes don't exist. Thus the entry level for making one's own home has been drastically reduced. It is perfectly permissible to construct a home out of dirt and old tires, or strawbales, or as domes made out of simple wood panels. There is no requirement that a home has to be made out of 150 tons of concrete and wood as is common elsewhere.

Different regions and communities might have codes for what kind of housing is acceptable there. But there will always be places where one can construct homes any which way one chooses.

Mobile housing will also be quite common to allow flexibility in changing location. Facilities to support motorhomes or live-aboard boats will be widely available.

Many will also choose to live together in large arcologies surrounded by unspoiled nature. Advantages are in the economics of scale achieved by constructing many homes built concentrated together in one place. Heating and infrastructure can be taken care of much more easily. And, rather than spreading many homes over a large amount of land, covering existing nature, the arcology design can allow unaltered nature to be available right outside one's door.

Everybody will live as if they own the homes they live in, no matter how they happened to arrive there. There will be no monthly rents or mortgages due to absentee owners. Rather one will move into housing that is made available, or one will construct homes that one has the resources available to build.