HoloWorld has no built-in biases based on gender. You have the same fundamental rights and freedoms no matter if you're male or female or you're not sure.

There is, however, no rule against treating people differently on a personal or community-level based on their gender or based on anything else. You may not turn it into any national or international institution, though. You may compliment women more than men, you may make a school that is only for men, you may make a community where women decide everything, all of those are fine.

There is nothing bad about noticing, talking about, or enjoying the differences between people in the world. Women and men are obviously, from nature's hand, equipped somewhat differently, implying certain necessary divisions of chores, like who has the babies. Also, possibly each sex might statistically be more or less inclined to participate in different kinds of activities. However, people of the same sex also show great variety, and certain don't all agree on what they like, how they want to work, how they relate to the world.

Generalizations are somewhat dangerous. Stating categorically that "Women are (so and so) ... and men are (so and so something else)" is very likely to be a generalization that is wrong for a lot of people. It might say something about statistical averages, but might not at all apply to specific individuals.

Thus there are no general laws in HoloWorld that says what women or men are supposed to do differently. There is no division along gender lines.

But there are, even more so, also no general laws that says that everybody has to be the same, even when they are different.

The natural diversity of life provides a great many differences. That's in part what makes life exciting and interesting. Yes, a given woman might look very different from a given man, and might have different skills and interests, and somebody with black skin obviously looks different from somebody with pink skin, and somebody who's tall looks different from somebody who's short. But beyond that this gives interesting variety, and you can talk about it, or make fun of it, or study it, or whatever, then so what.

In HoloWorld you're free to be a macho man, an attractive woman, an androgynous human, gay, lesbian, transsexual, or whatever you happen to be or want to be. You don't have to hide it or defend it or anything. And you're free to choose the roles for yourself that come most natural to you.

There is no attempt to try enforce artificial equalities or balances, by trying to legislate that just as many women as men should become construction workers, or nurses, or by trying to regulate how men or women appear in advertising or anywhere else.

On the contrary, people who would wish to enforce sexist rules on everybody else, on what different genders should or shouldn't do or be, no matter how well justified they might feel it is, are not likely to be taken very serious in a society like this, and will not have any leverage.