HoloWorld has no monopolized money systems.

The use for monetary units is in exchanging value between individuals or groups that don't entirely trust each other. There is little need for them within groups that are based on a relationship of trust.

Anybody can set up a system of monetary value and exchange in HoloWorld. The most common schemes are based on gauging the value that other people perceive in the products of a certain individual or group.

One scheme is that anybody who has any interaction with a certain individual or group has the opportunity to rate their satisfaction with their activities through electronic rating systems. That determines the amount of units that that party possesses and has available for exchange with others.

Another scheme is that anybody who needs units for exchange will simply issue them, with the agreement that they are redeemable for services or goods at a later time. However, there will again be a system of recording other people's estimation of value of this groups services, and any units that are issued will be indexed based on their rating. A group that issues more units than they are able to deliver value for will notice the value of their currency dropping. To facilitate exchanges between individuals or groups that don't know each other, the total units issued in a certain region can be added up and adjusted for the cumulative ratings to arrive at a certain standardized unit.

The overall principle of money is that there should always be enough monetary units available in a region to pay for those goods and services that there is a need to exchange for. This can not be ensured if the money supply is controlled by a monopoly that pursues agendas of its own. It is vital that money can be produced by the same people who have services of value that they need to exchange for other services of value. To keep a viable exchange system it is just as vital that the value of the money supply corresponds as closely to what is there to exchange as possible. This requires some kind of free market mechanism, not centralized manipulation.

Generally speaking, HoloWorld money is based on value, not on debt. That means, if you have money you have produced something of value, and in turn you would be able to get something of value for the money. Money lending and speculation in money is neither viable nor considered ethical in HoloWorld. You would normally not find that people have money that they later need to pay back to somebody. The way of making money is to do something that is of value to somebody, not to borrow somebody else's.

The need for any kind of money system at all is gradually shrinking in HoloWorld. Being that resources are generally controlled by the people who use them and are closest to them, and greed isn't rewarded in any way, you will find that most people will take pleasure in directing their efforts towards the common good. That is, you will find spontaneous giving and spontaneous cooperation increasingly to become the order of the day.

What is valued and rewarded in HoloWorld is to produce value and to increase the quality of life. The more people you help to have a better quality of life, the more your actions are valued by others. You don't get valued much by keeping things for yourself, or by keeping good ideas secret. Thus you will find that inventive and hardworking individuals or group will increasingly solve more and more of the problems of life for more and more people.

For example, it would be valued much more highly to provide a means for everybody to produce their own electricity in their backyards than it would be to manufacture electricity that you would want to continuously sell to other people. The former would therefore make better economic sense for everybody. And subsequently there would be less of a need to acquire monetary units to pay for expenses with.

You will find that an increasing number of the basic needs that people have will be provided for freely. There will be groups that will take it upon themselves to make sure that everybody in their region will have food to eat, either by producing and distributing the food in the most economic way, or by putting the means for producing it into people's own hands. Such services will be highly valued and rewarded.