Creativity plays a central part in HoloWorld. To a large degree creativity, imagination and dreams are what keeps HoloWorld running. It isnít that there is a fixed system put in place that will automatically make an ideal society. There isnít, and an ideal society doesnít happen automatically, it is not something that can just be decreed from above and be done with it.

Continuous individual and group creativity is what keeps the society growing and flourishing and what allows the needs of everybody to be met most of the time. It is the excitement of unhindered exploration of new and unique ways of doing things that makes things happen.

In the development of young people, or of anybody else, the most important factor is the harnessing and liberation of creativity. Teaching people the norms of the past has little value compared with the development of their ability to create in the present, to imagine new ways of being, to continuously dream a better world.

HoloWorld inhabitants are largely practical dreamers. They dream the present. Life is an exploration and manifestation of that which you dream.

There are creativity schools, there are creativity counselors, there are groups that meet for the exclusive purpose of dreaming and creating together.

What is found valuable in the HoloWorld economy is largely the results of present time creativity. Perpetuating mediocre systems of the past have little economic value. What is rewarded and supported is the creation of new systems, new adventures, new learning, new technologies, new ways of increasing the quality of life.