Widespread, uncontrolled, easily accessible communication systems are vital to HoloWorld.

To ensure that everybody has the opportunity to stay informed about their options requires channels of communication that are always available and that aren't monitored or censored by any centralized agencies.

Central to this is a global Internet with a topology that provides many paths of getting from one place to another and a fault-tolerant design that makes it re-route itself in case of interruptions.

Use of strong encryption to ensure privacy is a right for anybody.

One of the uses of the global information and communication network is for people with common interests and fields of operation to compare notes and to collect databases of their experiences and knowledge. This makes it increasingly difficult for dishonest individuals or businesses to carry on unethical activities. People will record their experiences with these groups in publicly available places, and potential customers will increasingly check out such a group's activities and previous track record before entering into any kind of relation with them.

Powerful intelligence techniques and computer models will be in most people's hands. That is, most people will have a very good picture of the state of affairs in their community, in their region, and on their planet. People will be able to see for themselves, make their own analysis, and draw their own conclusions. It will thus be much less viable to pose as an Authority in the mass media, pretending to have answers that nobody else has, and providing misleading and self-serving analysis of world affairs.

There will be no centralized norms or censorship in mass media. There will be no words you can't say and no subjects you can't show. However, local communities, families and individuals are free to censor their own incoming information to suit their own norms and morals. Publicly available information will usually be labeled clearly as to what they contain to facilitate local screening and personal choice as to what one wants to be exposed to.