Comparable Data

One cannot think with a subject one doesn't have comparable data to. This goes for Transformational Processing as much as it goes for anything else. There needs to be something to see it in relation to.

A process facilitator who thinks her system of working with people is the only valid subject there is, is at best narrow-minded. Worse than that, she won't be able to honestly help people in the real world worth much. She might get along well with clients who happen to agree that "Applientology" is the only valid subject there is. But none of them will get along very well with the world at large unless they start dealing with comparables.

Intelligence is the ability to recognize similarities and differences. To be intelligent with a subject you need to be able to notice how it is similar to and different from other things. And within the subject you need to notice the similarities between different data and the differences between them.

As a general rule in life, always be aware of several ways of doing something. If you have only one way of doing something you can't use it intelligently. It doesn't matter if it is a very good way and if it works, you would just use it stupidly.

Don't make this course the only thing you study to learn how to help people. Study anything that you can get your hands on in related fields. Keep expanding your horizon and your awareness of different fields and different approaches.

The Transformational Processing System is a science of the mind. It is also a collection of philosophical principles applied to help people improve their lives. It also relates to religious studies. And the application of processing is an art. And it is a new age self-improvement technique.

Make sure you study some other disciplines in those areas. Find out what psychologists and psychiatrists do, study the major philosophies, be aware of what the major religions are about, pursue other intuitive subjects, explore other new age options. Find out what is similar to transformational processing in those fields, and find what is different.

If you take the effort to understand some of those other subjects you will inevitably find something of value there that will improve your processing skills. You will find that transformational processing isn't as different from everything else as you might have thought. As a matter of fact, our system of processing is built on discoveries that have almost all been made in other fields first. What you are studying here is simply a unified collection of principles and techniques that work.

Being conversant in many different approaches will also allow you to better present what you do to others. For one reason, because they have done some of those other things, and you will speak their language and be able to understand them. For another reason, because you will not appear as a fanatic, you will seem to honestly pursue the best information available.

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