Section 4: Technique Styles

There are a number of different styles of processing, different techniques, and different general subjects to process.

The facilitator needs to be fluent in enough different techniques and different situations to be able to choose the most appropriate tool for the situation in front of her.

Some of the most used tools are:

Dialoguing talking back and forth about the issue, seeing it from different angles, trying to zero in on what is going on.

Hunting for Illogic following or challenging illogical statements, trying to get to the underlying mechanisms.

Reframing inviting the person to see something in a different light.

Unfixing freeing up fixed ideas.

Re-Experiencing clearing up kinesthetic reactions by experiencing events differently.

Recursion repeating the same action or question to exhaust the responses to it.

Polarity Integration bringing opposite personality parts together

Soul Retrieval bringing back parts of the person that had been lost.

Perceptual Processing isolating and changing the perceptions associated with an issue.

Entity Processing addressing a phenomenon as a live, independent unit.

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