Perception Filters

It is common amongst humans to regard their perceptions as "windows" into the world, that allow you to sense the world as it really is.

But, it would be a good deal more correct to regard human perceptions as filters that block out the majority of reality and only lets through a very narrow band.

A straightforward example is that the eye only sees a small portion of the frequency spectrum of light. You can see nuances of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, white. But the human eye doesn't see ultraviolet or infrared, they are just beyond the seen range. And vast ranges of radio waves, x-rays, micro waves, etc., are completely out of range.

The same with all the other human senses, they only let in part of a much larger spectrum of frequencies. The human sound range is between 20 and 20,000 hertz for a young person and much less for an old person. All sounds outside that range aren't audible. Many animals use higher or lower ranges of sound. For example, bats use high frequencies of sound as a radar system. Overall each of the human perception senses only covers a small part of a much larger scale.

That is however only the start of it. Human perceptions are only tuned to this particular time and dimension. The illusion is created that all that exists in front of us is a certain sub-section of reality that is happening here in 1993, or whatever year is it when you read this. And that there is only one version of events in front of us that is the right one. This makes it possible to focus very narrowly into a reality, which is exactly what we have been doing on this planet.

It is not how things really work, though. Existence is multi-dimensional. There is no good reason for experiencing just 1993 and not also 1776, 1492, and 2012 at the same time, except for that your perceptions tell you that you only exist in 1993. That isn't true. In session, in re-experiencing for example, we can demonstrate that people exist in all kinds of other times and places.

What the physical senses let in is just one version out of many. There are many dimensions of reality right in front of you in this same place. But to get to them you have to go beyond what the physical senses tell you.

The perceptions aren't the only thing that is filtering out reality. That is mostly what the mind does too. One's beliefs serve just that function of only showing you the realities that fit with your beliefs.

In session we work with people's filters. We don't necessarily want to whole-sale get rid of them. Firstly we just want to help people have the filters that are useful to them instead of filters that don't serve them very well. Like, instead of believing that everybody is out to get you, you can believe that everybody is there to help you, and life is probably more fun.

Secondarily we would like to encourage people to follow a path of transcending their limitations, letting their filters gradually drop away, and experiencing a wider part of reality. Moving from being a one-dimensional human to being fully aware of being a multi-dimensional being is a big jump. It has to be done gradually. Most human beings would go insane if they were exposed directly to the actual reality.

Perceptions and perceptual filters are tools we use in transformational processing. A person will change her reality simply by perceiving things differently. That is what we help her do. She perceives something in a non-optimum way, we administer some processes, and then she perceives it differently. And then it IS different. Or, rather, the person will now experience the part of the total reality that she prefers, rather than the part she doesn't prefer. Which makes her physical reality different. Both and all possibilities still exist in the total reality, and always will.

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