Emotions are ways of dealing with experiences in life, and ways of expressing oneself. Emotion could be described as Energy in Motion. It is the flow of life force that is being expressed by a person.

Emotions expressed in the present as a way of dealing with the present are not good or bad. They are simply a way of dealing with what is there.

Emotions sometimes get frozen and then replayed later, out of context. For example, that often happens in traumatic situations. An overload of emotion gets stored up in the mind, and then it gets activated and repeated at a later time when some of the elements of the situation are a little similar.

A great deal of human trouble comes out of just that: the replaying of emotions in the wrong context. Often people will vehemently defend their right to express their replayed emotions, and will produce elaborate justifications for why the emotions are just right.

One of our aims in processing is to turn the frozen energy in stored-up emotions into free energy that people can use in the present to express themselves with.

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