Session Communication Loop

In transformational processing we don't just communicate to get certain points across to the client. We'd rather have the client get her own points. What we are aiming at is to prompt the person to go through processes that transforms her reality for the better.

The underlying intention of any communication or action the facilitator does in a session is to get a response, reaction, or result in the client. The facilitator does or says something that is intended to make something happen in the client.

The feedback coming back from the client is just as important as whatever the facilitator says or does. What the client is saying, and what the client is showing by the way she looks and acts will give us an idea of the result we got.

The feedback coming back from the client becomes the basis for the next question or action that the facilitator does. She is not acting blindly. She notices the result of what she did before, and based on that she starts a new communication.


- Deliver a communication to somebody. Notice what result you got.

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