Case #1 - Chronic Illnesses

I had a client with a long list of serious illnesses, having had several operations for tumors, still seeing doctors every day. I asked her what currently bothered her the most. She said, a heart attack feeling, a pain in her heart going into her left arm and making it numb. She would get it every time she ate something. I had her put attention on the area and describe the shape, color, temperature, vibration, and so forth of the pain area. Then I got her to say "hello" to it a few times and it answered back quite well, so I figured we could talk some more with it. I then did a variation of a technique called "6-step reframing" from NLP. It is basically establishing a method of communication with a part of the person or a circuit and then giving it more choices. We established that the pain being a little lighter would mean 'Yes' and another difference would mean 'No'. Then we proceeded to clear that part. It was not willing to let her consciously know the specific content of what we talked about, but it was willing to provide the Yes/No answers. Many of them were a surprise to the client. Anyway, it protested about being called a "part" of her. On questioning it insisted that it was a separate being. I changed to an entity type of handling on it, still without knowing the content of incidents and so forth. But we had it involved in the session, and eventually it got freed up and blew off. Sitting across from the client I myself felt it zipping past my ear, and right after that she originated that it seemed to have left and the pain was gone. This was session number 6 so far for this client, and she was as surprised as I was to find that it was an entity. She had no previous exposure to that kind of phenomena. The feeling never came back after that. There were some other handlings related to eating, but nothing more was needed for that.

The same client had a seriously inflamed esophagus and often had serious breathing problems. Two sessions were done while she had an attack of this and couldn't breathe. The first one, done over the phone late one evening, uncovered an entity in a similar fashion. The entity appeared to have evil intentions towards her and she absolutely hated it and refused to deal with it. However, I asked her to "put it out behind a thick glass wall", and then it was ok. She got a visual impression of it as an ugly snake-like monster, in great detail. She was willing to pass directions on to it from a distance, and gradually became willing to tolerate its existence there. Eventually the ugly monster turned into a little prince. The prince got a little more handling, and an orientation, and off he went. Her restricted breathing sensations disappeared at that point.

However, three days later she was brought into the health center where I do sessions sometimes, as an emergency. She couldn't breathe and was hysterical. The holistic doctor there didn't know what to do with her, but incidentally I was there, so they interrupted the session I was in, and brought me in. It was probably the most demanding conditions to do a session under that I've experienced so far. This lady appeared to be choking to death and several people were standing around not knowing what to do, including her husband and several doctors. I didn't have time to doubt that I could do something for her. However, I was prepared for at least making her death a little less painful. I got her to relax enough so that she could at least answer. But there was no way I could establish signals for communicating with her sub-conscious like in the last two sessions. I addressed it then from the angle of being willing to accept her current condition as it is, learn from it, and being willing to flow with it. She was totally unwilling in that regard at first, it was totally "unfair", her being such a nice and loving person didn't deserve a thing like that. "Who would deserve it?" I inquired. Well, it would be appropriate for her ex-husband, for sure. The ex-husband had come up before. She had a very traumatic incident where he had tried to kill her by strangling her and stuffing food down her throat. She escaped and he then was stalking her for years, despite restraining orders and so forth. I had tried to get her to deal with the incident itself, but it was much too loaded and unavailable. But I noticed of course how her symptoms fit the incident very well. However, now she is lying there, with all the medical diagnoses to back her condition up, and she is in very real pain. She felt she didn't deserve it because she is so nice, but that other guy should have it. Well, it made instant sense to me right then how come she had those symptoms. She totally doesn't accept that man, and she totally doesn't accept the feelings she has for him. Therefore, those parts of herself were separated off from her conscious self and were running on automatic. At first she didn't admit to having any negative feelings at all. But when I pursued it, she gradually admitted that what she would really want would be to torture this guy to death, cut him into little pieces, and feed them to his parents. She had split off into a polarity, where her nice loving self was the only side she would admit to. The other side has violent, vengeful emotions, and would take pleasure out of hurting people. Since she didn't take responsibility for that part of her at all, it was running on automatic. And the obvious target becomes herself. So, she needs to learn to accept that, and to accept the person it was based on. I gradually got her to do that, with tricky dialogue questions, and so forth. When she finally accepted responsibility for it, the symptoms subsided and she could relax for the first time. It took about an hour and a half. Her breathing problems gradually vanished totally over the next week or so. She hasn't had those physical problems since.

This lady also had edema, which is abnormal aggregation of water in the body, relating to inflammation. "What does water mean to you?", I asked her. "Life, I love water, I can't get enough of it." Hm, that provided some clue, if she is maybe holding on to it, because she likes it. I was considering doing something with fixed ideas, but decided for an imagination process instead. I had her visualize glasses of water, buckets of water, rivers of water, etc. Interchangeably pulling them into her body or letting them disappear in the distance. She started having trouble pulling it in when it got bigger than a bathtub. After some practice she became willing to even pull in tanker trucks and so forth. Eventually we visualized a whole ocean that would just wash in and out of her body, realizing that there would be no scarcity of water, whatever she let go of could come back. She became a bit worried about the pollution in her visualization, but we changed the meaning a bit so that the ocean would be a cleansing force that would sweep away impurities and bring back clarity. Eventually she became totally willing to do that, and very relaxed and comfortable about it. Edema has not been a complaint since then.

Final example, with the same client. Her last major symptom was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is diagnosed by the doctors as Epstein-Barr virus and incurable. She is usually very tired, and spends most of her day just sitting around without energy to do anything. Has been like that for a couple of years, supposedly because she ate some contaminated fish. "Well, I don't buy that", I think. "If she doesn't have her energy here, where is it then?". I assume that she has just misplaced the energy, there is no such thing as "losing it". So I proceed to question her as to where it might be. Did she ever have a lot of energy in the past? She certainly did, and the story quickly began to surface. Before the short-lived marriage to the man who tried to kill her, she had had a sexually all-consuming relationship with a man. They were totally obsessed and ecstatic about each other. However, except for that, the relationship was a disaster. She felt it was so destructive and out of control that she had to get away. She got away at first by marrying the guy who then tried to kill her. But even more seriously, she got away by isolating the part of her that had all that passion and energy, and by pretending it didn't exist anymore, because it was destructive and unwanted. She particularly did that when she married her current husband, because she doesn't think it is ok to think about anybody else then. And the passion and energy was tightly linked with the memory of the guy she only wants to forget. We worked on the polarity of that, and it made a big difference. However, we are not done yet, that was the last session we did, a week ago. Even though it is incomplete, it is an excellent example.

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