Health Problem Correspondences

Certain physical ailments often correspond to certain types of issues. There is no guarantee that it works exactly like that, but it is often useful to know what to look for. The body is an instrument that shows what is going on. An illness is likely to point to a mental/emotional cause. This is a list of some of the most common connections.

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Addictions		Running from oneself. Lack of self-love

AIDS			Denial of self.Sexual guilt.

Allergies		Denying one's own power

Back problems		Lack of support.

Cancer			Resentment, grief, hatred.

Colds			Confusion. Too much going on at once.

Constipation		Stuck in the past. Not releasing old ideas.

Diabetes.		Need to control. Sorrow.

Eye problems		Not willing to see something.

Fat			Represents protection

Flu			Response to mass negativity and beliefs.

Heart problems		Lack of love and security. Emotionally shut off.

Infection		Irritation, anger, annoyance.

Kidney problems		Criticism, disappointment, failure.

Lung diseases		Lack of space. Inability to breathe for oneself.

Stomach problems	Fear of the new. Inability to assimilate new ideas.

Teeth problems		Indecisiveness. Inability to decide.

Throat problems		Inability to speak up for oneself.

Tumors			Old hurts or shocks. Remorse.

Ulcers			Believing one isn't good enough.


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