The Goal of Processing

The goal of processing is:

A person playing the game of life,
enjoying it, and learning from it.

To work in the direction of the goal we need to address any area of unwanted limitations. And we need to address the areas in an order that ensures that each area is resolved in turn, and that all areas will eventually have been addressed.

Life consists largely of learning from dealing with challenges, overcoming limitations, etc. Our goal is not that the client has no problems and has a perfectly ordered life. The goal is that the client has a balanced life where she is getting out of it what she wants to get out of it, where the challenges are not overwhelming to her, and she is enjoying what she is doing.

Life is a game. The last thing we would want to do is to take the game out of life. We would like to optimize the game so that the person can best enjoy it and learn from it.

We are after the unwanted limitations. Learning to play the piano might include the consideration that one doesn't know how to do it yet, and that might be perfectly desirable. Being nervous about it might not be a desirable limitation.


- Explain what the difference is between desirable and undesirable limitations.

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