Past lives

Now, if we take whatever pops out of the sub-conscious mind we might run into some weird stuff. The first surprises come out of the technique of going earlier and earlier to find core incidents. Now, if we have gotten back to very early incidents in the person's life, and we still aren't done, and we are asking for something earlier, what do we find?

First, we are likely to have incidents pop up that appear to be pre-natal. That is, incidents experienced by a fetus in a mother's womb. Floating in a liquid, being pushed around, hearing the internal body voices of the mother, hearing voices outside and so forth. Often life-long patterns are found to have been imprinted in that period. Incidents can sometimes be found all the way back to conception and before, as the experiences of the sperm cell and the ovum.

But, what if our chain of incidents still doesn't resolve and we need to go earlier. What does the auto-answer mechanism give us? Usually what appears to be past life incidents. If the person strongly believe they don't exist, she might not allow it to happen, but if she goes with it past lives are what comes up.

Experiences in earlier times, earlier in this century, the middle ages, biblical times, the stone age, Atlantis, etc. And going back further, civilizations on other planets, in other types of bodies and so forth.

It is not necessary for the process facilitator to believe or dis-believe anything the client says. If it comes up, it is probably necessary to look at it and it has some kind of bearing on the client's situation. It is not necessary for the clearing process that we have a complete model of where it comes from and how it is organized. It would be better to keep as open a mind as possible.

Often the core incident is a traumatic past life incident. It is usually fairly limited how many really forceful incidents people have in their current lifetime. Stuff like being killed, tortured, eaten, burned, exploded, and so forth, that is likely to overload one's mind real well.

We basically go wherever the chain takes us. That will generally be earlier and earlier until we get a sufficiently dramatic incident that really explains the unwanted feeling and resolves it when we re-experience it. That might be through just a few incidents or it might be through many. It might cover a span of just a few years, or a span of billions.

It is advisable not to lock oneself in on a specific model for how this stuff works. After looking at a few past life incidents one could well conclude that one has as one person traveled sequentially through a certain span of time in an orderly manner. That is not necessarily the case, so don't get too stuck on that. There are even more wild possibilities.

Past life incidents are addressed the same as any other incidents, there is no particular difference in technique. We are still following an unwanted feeling. We would usually not try to look for specific life times or specific events, but would just take what comes up.

Don't try to be too logical about mapping out past lives according to a certain model. If you try to lay out sequentially what your past lives have been through different time periods you will sooner or later run into conflicts. There will be events and life times that overlap, there will be multiple versions of the same events and so forth. That doesn't matter at all for the clearing process. The phenomena are probably better explained with a more fluid model with multiple probable pasts and futures, multiple viewpoints, alternate realities, multiple dimensions, and so forth. But all of that is more difficult to understand at first, so there is no reason to worry about it either. More on that later.

There is also such a thing as future incidents that can be processed with good benefit. That is also a somewhat more advanced subject, so that will be dealt with later.

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