Inter Faces

The word face comes from the Latin root for appearance, and also means, from later usage, to look at, confront. The side of "face" is the side of consciousness which "others " can look at and "from which" one does one's looking -- at least when looking at agreed-upon aspects of existence.

Inter comes from the Latin word for between or among, as in "inter alia", meaning "among others", or "intermural" meaning "between walls" (i.e., of different schools).

Interface, then, is between faces, or two viewpoints looking at each other.

Now the idea has been popular since early Christian days, and long before in different cultures, that we are in the hands of something -- an identity -- much greater than ourselves; and one of the functions of religion is to turn our attention toward that Godhead, so that we can take assurance from its benevolence and certainty.

In the New Age Christianity, this has given rise to various phrases like "Let God do What God Does Best", and the wonderful ancient definition of God "whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere". All these and other expressions offer the listener the comfort of self-surrender to a benevolent higher aspect of his own soulhood.

One of the drawbacks to all techniques on this line is that it promotes a view of within aand without relative to self. One seeks to touch God outside the space of self. Or one looks within to find him inside but still different from... in earlier, more repressive Christian modes He was even considered by some to be "out there" tallying your sexual impulses out of some inordinate interest in how you handled them. It is quite a conceit to make a Divine Reflection out of one's own masturbation.

But there comes a time -- whether through Zen, meditation, counseling or some other "religious" experience -- where this language falls apart on the reef of actual contact. I discover myself within and without, and every object is identical with my thought of it. There is no such thing as within and without until I place the line in position, defining spaces on either side. But the definition of those spaces depends on my drawing back to one half, and fully empowering every particle of the other half to act as though it were another. This is also true of the mechanism whereby we discover "higher Selves" separate from our own center, and "channeling Masters" from whom to acquire our wisdom.

As soon as I discover I am at once within and without , the boundary layer between "me" and "God" becomes unglued, unfixed; it can be placed between the All and one body or it can be placed between the All and a dozen bodies, or one mind or a dozen minds. From wherever it is placed and created, an infusion of energy occurs which is simply a by-product of the creation of a "Greater Circle", the sphere we draw when we place that interface just beyond the sphere of attention called "I".

The true Static, a clarity of No-Motion against which all motion Seems, the Zero of self is Without; and the ultimate truth is the stillness which draws all energy into existence. The manifestation of all energy derives from the Ultimate Truth exercising spacation -- the limit and pulse of consciousness which breeds space.

If the Big Bang were anything, which I doubt, it would be the co-efficient design of such limitation in many dimensions simultaneously. Kaaaaaaaaaawoosh!!

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