More on an Instant

This confluence of rivers! Take one instant in the seeming panoply of Time. Diagnose it not by solids and particles believed in the Church of Material Science to be shifting and throbbing and exploding and freezing in every point in Space.

Examine it, instead, as a totality of Seen, Not Seen, Felt, Not Felt, from every viewpoint. Each of these viewpoints and windows on 'reality' is structuring based on its own potentials for re-creation and a small percentage of knowing create.

For one 'person' the spectrum is enormously interesting -- the associations, the beliefs, the attached meanings, the opinions; and further out the broader data-shells of space, society, material location, a planet to walk on and a sun to live under, a galaxy to hide in, a physical universe to learn from.

Multiply, for this single Instant in apparent time, that single rivulet of aware energy, by the freshets, brooks and rivers in the map of all-consciousness that mark 'Life-going-on' in every hamlet and hillside of multiple space.

There is your instant, your true clock-speed. Here is a mansion of windows; and in the mansion, endless ways to look through the windows. Here is the real power of the moment.

Each said, each unsaid, done or not done in that moment is an act of authorship. Each memory, half-realized reflection, blindly re-built association with meaning or past experience, each lock to the rest of the continuum -- each of these potentials in the curve of consciousness' space-time has its own perfect authorship in the pulse of a created instant.

And each of us, Beloved, wears the mantle of this authorship, this endless blender of form and reflection, as his armor, his heritage, and his endless message to the next moment. How shall you design your next step?

# # #

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