II. Lessons in a Whirlwind

The mechanics of communication within the apparent continuum of time and space will produce an endless series of lessons about motion, change, and life-as-a-particle within the continuum. Some of these lessons can produce technology, such as steam engines, rocking chairs, cat-food dispensers, Crest, Cheerio ovens, VCR remotes and monoclonal antibodies.

The idea of motion in a space-time continuum can be likened to the bundled fragments of ice cubes being torn up into a milkshake in a blender. But you don't see much of that if you are in the blender. You might learn, to extend the fancy, what life is like near the blades, near the glass perimeter, something about the nature of the currents, and you might conclude after several lifetimes within these limits that life was inevitably, ineluctably, a clockwise rotation. Those who focused more narrowly on smaller segments in the blender could argue this conclusion because they found counter-clockwise pools, and a philosophical debate on how to find out could ensue.

Living within this blender you would have a viewpoint and a focus that depended on your "template" -- the set of realities your beliefs allowed you to recognize, the patterns of "what is possible" in the blender-according-to-You. Depending on these templates different events -- the changing of a whirlpool from clockwise to counter-clockwise, the passing of ice particles, the changing of a local flavor-stream from banana to strawberry -- would be recognizable to you. Other events would not; some would seem significant enough to you to be called "milestones", worthy of note against the general background of normality.

In this blender it wouldn't matter if the 'fragments' you focused on -- the milestones in your particular template -- were annual sales at Mervyn's or the rise and fall of civilizations, or the life span of E. coli. Certain constancies would make themselves clear to you once you had studied the thing long enough. You'd learn something about the patterns within the blender and achieve certain insights. As a species, you and your kind could spend lifetimes building up a knowledge of these patterns and uncovering and discussing them. Some of them, as mentioned, would even yield technology
but it is an interesting question whether those that yield technology are "truer" than those that do not.

Certainly, in a world dedicated to cause-and-effect beliefs, they look more "true'. This may just be data-racism in disguise.

Within this acquired knowledge would be a certainty, perhaps, that the nature of all particles was to 'die' sooner or later -- to meet the blade that spins the Universe, through one trail or another; and that the apparency of clockwise motion was -- however entertaining -- a ruse that ultimately had to give way to the more fundamental downward progress toward the final impact that is made by all things in existence as they approach the Final Blade. Thus our Universe within the Blender would even have its inflexible laws of Entropy.

It might be argued that every major spiritual step in our history -- Lao-Tzu, Jesus, Gautama Buddha, even Crowley and Hubbard, the terrible twins of the Thirties, Madame Blavatsky and Aimee Semple MacPherson, Seth speaking, Werner Erhardt and perhaps even Jack Kerouac -- that all of these, all the New Age writings and channelings and teachings (from whatever date) have been "pushing the envelope" of this blender, and shifting the material belief systems within it closer and closer toward a recognition of two things:

A. There is a distinct limit WITHIN WHICH all
these phenomena are occurring, outside of
which the rules may be different, and

B. There is a distinct possibility that the
perception so described is not just being
projected from within the blender, but that
the blender itself and its ingredients are
somehow connected with a consciousness
outside those limits -- in other words, perhaps a

But it is also true that there seems to be a real quantum jump involved in shifting past the glass within which the Blade rules. Stretching the envelope can go so far, but will not fundamentally break the glass -- indeed, to contemplate breakage of the glass would be the ultimate Heresy! For one thing, it would bring an end to all the lessons we were here learning! Agggh! We would all have to apply to another University!

It is possible that all the lessons are One Lesson. Perhaps even within the glass, leaving the Cook outside, the moral is really to know that all lessons are the Lesson of You -- wholly, entirely, indefatigably in the Now Now. (Now Squared).

One objection to this idea is that it abandons common ground; the ways we relate to each other may be aberrated but at least we're relating! "What? Is it possible? Can one operate like that, have relationships? Continue communications?' To become wholly oneself is to somehow sneak out of the matrix of limits that makes us recognizable to each other. We have a superstition that enlightenment leads to disconnection, the fate of the space-cadet.

But it IS possible. It is possible at any instant, at all instants, for any past and in any of all possible revolutions of the Blade.

The possibility seems remote because of the nature of the dialog within the glass. To transcend the glass transcends information itself, somehow, or at least information as we know it . And so the limit seems clear -- one cannot operate in the world, with the information of the world, if one is being outside the quantum of the world, beyond dialog as the world knows it. To burn with the gem-like flame of Entire You and Entire Now is to abandon dialog for serenity.

But is this so? Is there no dialog beyond information?

The view from without is, in fact, meta-informational, para-datum, hyper-facts. The dialog is not one of linkage, transmission, duplication of view, form or motion. It is a simpler event; it is a dialog of Feel, in the fullest and most complete sense of Aware Will Experiencing Directly.

In this it shines with the Source power of creation itself. Beyond the power of words to add, interpret, modify or change, the dialog is of intense, complete, impassioned feel for each cell, for each spot, for each sparrow and meadow and light-year, for every twist the Blade offers, without hesitation or hindrance, measure or analysis, resistance or regret. The Dialog of Feel is the Whisper of God heard when one assumes a rightful duty as Godhead. Then does Life make itself known, with a laugh that shakes the very photons streaming through the Blender's walls.

# # #

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