Sleepy Midden

The planet is drowsy, feculent, thick with its own garbages and refuse-alls.

Yes, yes, she answered, what's for breakfast? These looming pre-occupations! Focusing us on realms of physical existence like 19th century schoolmasters. Kicking and squalling, or dropping out of school, do not seem to remedy.

Awareness levels have earmarks -- like the multiple perceptics that tell you when you are in a carnival, a supermarket, an open marketplace or a rodeo. Mayhap they have landmarks, milestones and streetmaps of the aware experience, which one could use to recognize the main sights as one goes by or stops and gawks before them. This is an interesting notion since it implies a commonality of form.

The commonality of form in awareness level could be simple mathematics: the number of possibilities are limited given the ingredients and conditions from which awareness arises. Or it may be that some patterns of reality have been enforced on all local residents of consciousness by a higher order, a Divine Pascal Programmer, or a Past Government of the Galaxy! It may be we are all serving time for evading Galactic Taxes on attention flows.

Some of the clumps, flows, and residues that inhabit and comprise this sleepy midden: