I desire......

Consciousness makes the 'mistake' of identifying itself with things, structures of its own creation which define experience to that consciousness that has occupied and become one with the space of the creation.

One such structure is Time.

Consciousness identified with time involves itself in a special kind of limitation, similar to other limiting beliefs in that it limits the free exploration of consciousness. It is the belief in desire.

Intentionality, within the framework of time, can be graded by the degree it includes opposition to be overcome. The highest intentionality is no wave-length, no energy creation; perfect expectancy without let, complete faith in the fulfillment of the creation one is causing in the Now.

At the bottom of the scale might be wishing against what one knows is insuperable, idle dreaming of obstacles too great to overcome. In between we get the forces of life banging away at each other in an ordinary day.

To liberate consciousness to total integration, a good plan is to free it of desires. It could then proceed to create in perfect faith.

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