Shower Reflections

It was momentarily entertaining to notice the annoyance he held toward people pretending to be energetic. He knew in the back of his mind that no matter how well they maintained the pretense, they were all profoundly lazy beings prima facie because they were operating bodies at all.

What a bamboozle! Somewhere they were all and each one curled up in the sheets of conclusive ignorance, denying their own involvement, desperately hoping that the thin, violent field of irresponsibility around them would stay intact. If it were to fall, they knew they would be called on their monumental flinch of avoidance they were involved in, using the automatic supply and perception systems of the body to keep themselves endlessly glued to a hugely amplified, noisy, distorted and falsified reality while energetically avoiding the responsibility for being who, where and how they were at each moment.

Talk about lazy, this was a cop-out bigger than all the boom-boxes and video screens in Christendom piled high. Even owning one of these body structures was a retreat from personal involvement and an addiction more rationalized than alcohol and cocaine combined. 'My name is Chris and I'm an organism'.

He laughed and went on shaving.

# # #

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