Choosing to Create No Response

Attention units aare like minute vector packages; according to their design they call up patterns of play, perception, sensation. For example, an attention unit designed at an action level of high interest -- a sort of speedy analytical judgement kind of attention unit -- will pierce, trace, reflect on and admire the forms it meets. The same form, contacted by attention units designed at a high non-judgemental enlightened state, will be practically transparent, a sort of enhaloed permeation by attention which has no judgement, insists on no limits, and allows All.

Attention units designed by a consciousness involved in heavy judgement for and against will bounce sharply against forms, rapidly evaluating and establishing alliance or enmity with everything perceived.

In a denial zone one will encounter attention units of violent intent, designed to force into zero any form; or violent reaction away from, causing upheavals of grief or nausea at any confrontation with an aspect of existence.

Thoroughly deflated, exhausted, deadened attention units can be manufactured by consciousness completely glued into an overburdening package of judgements, resulting in an apathetic acquiescence to being overwhelmed by any form that comes on the vague winds of chance.

All of these are energetic creations from the seat of consciousness within all the limits it is identified with. Each of these attention units is hand-crafted in the micro-time continuum we call awareness. Each is endowed by its creator with the responses needed to supplement the belief package through which that creator has chosen to manifest itself

Knowing this, reflect on the perfection of your every design, and the flawless craftsman's touch you have brought to bear on every instant; even your most terrible experiences have been perfectly designed to do you justice, to fulfill the beliefs you have chosen as trailmarkers for your own path. On the highways of Belief, you design the exits, the speed limits, the road conditions, the courtesy of each driver, and the HoJo's menu at the roadside stops. Well done, and a loving and exciting journey be yours.

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