The Little Man Behind the Curtain

The Wizard of Oz, in his most embarrassing moment, thunders through a microphone that the Dorothy Team should ignore the little man who stands revealed when Toto pulls the curtain aside with his little teeth. "PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE LITTLE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!" bellows the great Mask of Oz the Terrible.

Perhaps, instead, it is about time we began paying some attention to the little man behind the curtain. His switches and controls have something to do with what we are experiencing, more than he would have us know. For example, examine the creation that 'some beings are not educated and others are educators.'

Educators invite students to comply with certain rituals, including NOT using corrosable bond, adhering to the Chicago Manual of Style, and, often, maintaining severely limited spirits of enquiry. Smoke screens upon smoke screens are presented in the course of teaching the fine young mind to penetrate obfuscation.

In exchange, they offer the student a magic talisman much like a colored bone to wear through the ear -- a parchment with wonderful powers to influence the minds of all they encounter. This talisman represents the ability to influence events, and is called a dihPLOma, or a duh GREE.

The student, in turn, has his own little man using his own fancy equipment behind the curtain to generate the great experience of not knowing and then "learning what the world is about", learning professions, trades or just cultural literacy. He chooses to believe the talisman has power. And that if he has it, why then he will have power, too! Aha! This is essential to have in your pocket as you travel forth into the world. A fine talisman indeed. The little man behind the curtain has generated a Brain!

Please. Wherever you travel, whatever reality you find yourself listening in on, participating in, slammed up against, overwhelming with your style or being swamped by, or spinning in gold thread among the diamond stars:


# # #

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