Manifest, verb: To make apparent; to bring into perceivable form. To cause an idea to take on mass or energy or become in some way a reality. To induce agreement amongst viewpoints that an idea is perceivable...

The difficulty most students experience with manifesting reality as they prefer to experience it lies in the discrepancy between Intending as One versus Existing as Many.

One exists on many different levels, populates many different realities at any given moment. Millions of cells transmit their energies to make up just the compound we call the body, let alone all the other facets of one's existence.

One could be said to have a million voices; yet while one is seeking to manifest, often he speaks as one person or as his current social identity, which is only a millionth part of all he is, in his fullness of Consciousness, identified with.

To originate a preferred reality from every cell, every beingness, to echo it through all the identities one creates as self or as others, to exercise it on every communication channel one can find, to burn with the gemlike flame of intention from every window of consciousness  through every entry into reality at whatever level, of whatever size -- that is to manifest, and that brings about the creation one has conceived. To do so one must have tasted every flavor of the desired reality, perceived and created every corner and fiber of it and knowingly be projecting that hologram from every viewpoint one can conceive of. Then, Manifestation becomes not a problem but an irresistible force. The Creator becomes a ruthless glow that passes from every fold of existence into the fabric of the preferred reality. Anything else is inconceivable.

Thus the nature of what you see around you which seems so determined, ineluctable, inevitable, unstoppable. This was breathed into being by Consciousness, exactly this way.

Do not "manifest" your preferred reality. Be your preferred reality and MANIFEST!

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