Technical Notes

Consciousness creates and experiences within its own creation.

From what Is, Consciousness reaches for and withdraws from All That Is and anything within All That Is.

Consciousness is defined as 'you before you created a self to be'.

When consciousness reaches and withdraws simultaneously, persistency is achieved.

Persistence is the apparent pattern within the truer pattern. The true pattern is creating. It includes the creation of reaching and withdrawing. Perception itself, and all it tells consciousness, is a creation of reaching and withdrawing.

The ultimate truth is Pure Consciousness without Limit (obviously). Pure Consciousness does not "exist" in the normal sense, nor does it notexist. It is a transcendent quality which embraces the existence and nonexistence of allthatis.

Time is the false vision of persistence. It is caused by the denial of creating, reaching and withdrawing.

When reaching is denied and withdrawal is asserted Time slows. When reaching is asserted and withdrawal is denied Time accelerates.

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