Limit Pulses

It is not unusual to discover as one begins to move away from identifying Self with a point of view around "self" that the creations one encounters are similar but slightly disappointing compared to those one intended.

This is of course a secondary creation one intends to bring beautiful women or beautiful men into one's life, and finds a carful of them but they all have ugly features or unpleasant personalities.

The recurring perception of slight disappointment, perhaps a small amount of disdain, a whiff of resentment or resistance to the experience of what has appeared -- these are symptoms of a limit pulse, which is something like an electron whose orbital energy level just dropped several quanta.

It seems to work this way. One creates, and then acts to experience the creation. To do so one leaves the outer limits of creative sourceness and retreats or draws in to the creation as an "experiencer". One elects a point of view and from it seeks to inflow the experience of the creation. Instead of the god like impulse of creating a bevy of handsome people, one draws down into "being someone who is admiring a bunch of people". Thus, one is denying the masterful creative conscious view from which one originated the whole script.

To do this means erecting certain limits and denying one is anywhere outside of them, so as to convincingly assume the view of the experiencer. A sort of van Allen belt of denial is set up, into the inside of which one draws his awareness as a "location in space to look out from". Then one proceeds to reach and withdraw from that location to the objects and beliefs within the sphere, denying his creating of the sphere. This creates a strain of "consciousness denying its own creativity".

This delimiting zone of denial has particular earmarks. They include regret, sadness, apathy, hopelessness, intense irritability and even nausea and emotional flip-flop.

One can almost guarantee he is denying a 'sphere' or zone of his own consciousness when these feelings manifest. A wise thing to do is (a) create the conviction that it is all right to feel those things, and do so; and (b) explore the realm of conscious causation that one has abandoned or denied, suppressed or made invisible until one has discovered its outer limits and resumed that spectrum of Source.

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