The Lost Chord

From one level of mystic insight, as Crowley put it, "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law". Another philosopher says that Úlan vital is the law, and that is all the law there is. The Ultimate Philosopher says only, "The Truth is What You Create It to Be". All of these are compelling maxims, and some of them might even be useful as a key.

But there is a break point in the human condition, in which it is possible for an individual to find himself in a condition thicker or deeper or more persistent than his own unguided ability to penetrate enough to shift out .

The keystone of such conditions is the fact of IDENTIFYING WITH creation, by which is meant any perspective, feeling, idea, pattern of thought, attitude, or psychosomatic sensation.

The hardest thing in the world, apparently, is to see what one is identifying with. In order to do so at all, there is apparently a mass conscious belief that one must shift "point of view" from "identified with" to "looking at". Or to put it another way, one must view the problem in order to be the solver of it.

This is not necessarily true. It is possible to do what could be called "feeling" what one is identifying with, simply being willing to experience the self one is currently "in". If one is willing to feel what that feels like, then one can slip the moorings of that identity by gently labeling it just as it is.

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