Some Notes on Dichotomistic Mathematics

From the banks of the Nile to the chaos fractals of modern computer art, via Newton's Delta X and Delta Y derivative; the fine art of comparing two changing factors has been a critical success from the beginnings of geometry on. It's rave results started accelerating in the age of Calculus which ran rampant through the minds of men from the time of Newton until Einstein and his peers (if any) blew the whistle on this two-frame space-time.

There is no reason to have the animals of mental servomechanism which we call math go two by two, x vs. y, change vs. time, force vs. pressure. Three variants are quite a bit closer to the reality of things and a dozen even more so. Thus the truth revealed in fractals which by cumulative pointing of pair-defined points makes pictures which in turn reveal some values which act like strange attractors on the graphic image revealed.

The reason they are "truer" in a slightly quirky way is that they reflect multiple states of change simultaneously, or nearly so. And multiple simultaneous change is a little closer to the truth. If you extend this principle you approach (off the graph, of course) infinite simultaneous change which is closer to the truth.

Now here comes a clumsily vaulted quantum leap. If infinite simultaneous change is the true state of the universe then the time continuum which predicates one instant being compared to the instant before it and extension of identities through space/time is entirely impossible; there is no same thing to be the same thing in the next instant. No particle is in the same place and if we go over to the side of the picture and examine what makes up particles it is probable that no space and no substance is in fact the same space or substance it "was". This gives the lie to wasness at all!

So much for the x and y we sweated so hard over!

# # #

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